let the riding begin



a scary window obstacle

(Brad's photo above of Leo, and also me below)

frequent arena supervisors


Brad is settling into retirement and has been working & riding horses more. Including Padame. They are gearing up for the upcoming show season!

Consequently, today I got to look between Nemo's ears again :) Walked around cones, over poles, trot, spin to the right, then left. It was an unplanned ride. I didn't ride long at the trot, without better support attire.  

It has been a loong time since I've been in a saddle. Felt great & wasn't even nervous :) Fun!!


On a related note, there seems to be hope for my snorting machine Koda. He has become full of himself and needs many reminders on how to behave. Koda is more reactive than ever. His sensitivity seems to have ramped up since going on Equioxx. Perhaps because he is finally not in pain. 

Koda 1/23/24 (25 sec)

Our vet comes out for a recheck mid February. I will be asking about cutting the dose back or eliminating it. Also, a suggested incremental plan back to potential riding. I don't see any reason why Koda can't be lightly ridden since he has been sound for an extended time. 

My boy has always been a horse that behaves much better with consistency. He will need to tone his attitude down before I'll get on him. I don't enjoy riding time bombs. I am fortunate to have Brad's nerves of steel to help us get there.

Let the riding begin! 


Val Ewing said...

Oh happy dance!
Is Harmony less reactive and does anyone ride her? Just asking because to see you happy in the saddle is so worth it! The best!
I know Koda is your boy, but what about something quieter?

I definitely do not know your equine well enough so that is just a question I tossed out.

I loved my prancy dancy flighty half Arab mare and preferred her all of the time. Eventually I partnered with a different equine and gained the joy of no worry while riding.

I am so happy for you!
Whoo Hoo!

TeresaA said...

I am glad that Koda is feeling better. It must be nice to be back in the saddle.

Linda said...

Koda's movement looks really nice now. The Equioxx seems to have done wonders for him. I don't like riding time bombs either. You have that beautiful arena to play in and get it all worked out. Heaven!

You sure look happy in saddle. Do you think you'll be trail riding this summer?

Shirley said...

Yay for back in the saddle! How lovely to have your own arena to play in!
Koda does look good and oh so smooth!
Riding reactive horses is something I no longer do. I think Ruby is one of those horses who would be best with a steady job.
Looking forward to videos of Brad and Padame!

aurora said...

Val, we don't own what I would call an easy rider. Wish we did! That would be my ride of choice. I think Hope may end up being that kinda horse. Time will tell.

Harmony is our daughters horse (although Brad technically owns her) and the reason no one has even arena ridden her for years. I rode our pretty red head before they even met her. I used to take lessons on Harmony when she was around 4 (we bought her against my advice, at age 6). Even at 24, she is the last of our horses I would take on the trail! Long story. Actually the last horse would be Padame. I have never ridden her and she lacks trail exposure. I am a-okay with that for now lol. I absolutely hope to arena ride her someday. Who knows what kind of a trail horse she will become, but we will find out.

Koda is usually level headed on the trail, except for when he isn't. Which could be said for all our horses. Correction, all horses.


Thanks Teresa, it was a nice feeling!


Yes, Linda our plans do include getting back to trail riding :) With that said, I will admit I am much more comfortable arena riding. I have done so much more of it, but trail riding in the woods will always be my favorite.


Shirley, Koda is a night and day difference with "a job". Sounds like Ruby is somewhat similar.

I always thought horses got quieter with age. I am not finding that to be true with our crew. I think what I'm observing is much like humans, characteristics remain as we age and even become more evident. I've been mulling this topic over. Future post, if I can wrap my head around our herd changes (?) especially in our Appaloosa's.