rock hopping

We took advantage of gorgeous Fall weather (70's F) during Brad's staycation and revisited Parfreys Glen. A very popular State Natural Area. It was closed during COVID, due to overuse and disrespect. There are many narrow spots/landing areas, where you cross the creek water on rocks and cannot avoid being close to other's. Especially while waiting your turn. Been there done that. Thankfully that is not what we experienced on our third Fall hike. 

There were others enjoying the glen during the weekday, but it was far from busy. The hikers we encountered were spread out. Several just sitting and soaking up nature off the beaten path. We were alone most of the time.

heading out

lower part of the creek

"Parfrey's Glen Creek, a fast, cold, hardwater stream flows through the gorge and harbors a very diverse insect fauna including rare species of diving beetles and caddisflies."

along our way to the gorge

Not much changed since Brad & I were last there. A LOT changed since I started going there as a young adult. There used to be boardwalks and seating at the end, before multiple floods destroyed them. Note; the three old Spring photos are borrowed screenshots. My guess is they are from late 70's - early 80's.

I like Parfreys Glen better au natural, although the boardwalks made it much safer and accessible to more people. We passed several older couples not willing to maneuver more challenging rocks to get to end of the gorge. A common question "how far to the end".

my favorite amazing Parfreys tree

where things start to get really interesting

winding stream leads the way

wider views taken with my iphone

one of many rock-to-rock creek crossings

rock hopping at it's finest

small trout were abundant in shallow crystal clear water

the wonder grows around every turn

Brad led most of the way, and helped me at key moments. It was very risky rock hopping while holding my precious large camera equipment. Especially the wet unstable rocks. Unfortunately, I left my camera backpack in the truck. I handed my camera off to him more then once, while maneuvering the boulders below.

what lies ahead?

pausing to figure out the best way to scale the boulders
(much larger in real life)

looking back from the top of the boulders

For those of you into rock faces, enlarge this ^^ photo. There are many faces, including one that looks like Groot! I was so wowed by my surroundings that I didn't notice them, until I processed the photo.

waterfall at the designated end  


I tried to capture the vast secluded beauty of "the end" with video clips. They do not show dimension and depth very well. Specifically height. If you watch, sound up.

21 seconds

a distance from the waterfall
(8 seconds)

this is the way the end used to look

I was captivated by the sunlight peeking through the dark glen.

ferns growing on the side of rock, very high above

hope & perseverance


Shirley said...

What a beautiful place! I love the fern shots. There is something so peaceful about the sound of a waterfall, except maybe the really big ones that inspire awe with their power.
You are blessed to have such lovely places nearby.

Val Ewing said...

I do love Parfrey's Glen and have been there quite a few times. Most of the times have been in the winter with snow and ice.

The rock scrambling across and through the creek is exactly what my creek bottom is like in a few places. That mossy damp rock is very tricky stuff!

Your photos are incredible! I cannot imagine doing it with that monster lens!

I never got to see the glen when it had a boardwalk. Though my son's Geology class in college made field trips to the glen years ago when they had the boardwalk.

I miss my ice walks in that area that I used to take in February.

Dom said...

What a beautiful park!

Val Ewing said...

PS...some day...let's explore this together! Uffdah, I sure miss this place.

Linda said...

It’s a very beautiful park. I’d be there hiking everyday, especially with your amazing weather.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow that is a really pretty place to hike1 Love all the rocks!