enjoying the fluff

We finally got some fluffy snow! Not a lot, but enough for some type's of snow play. Our local snowmobile trails have yet to open. There isn't much you can do with hard icy uneven snow, but deal with it.

Stepping in your old tracks makes walking easier. I think. It makes me look like I am drunk walking, as I try to match my left's & rights. Many times I end up with whoops, that imprint is going the other direction. I often wonder why my previous strides are either far apart or too close. Once in a while, the steps are just right.

icy bare uneven spooky tree trail

I haven't hauled my heavy camera on the trail, or gotten into Winter photography this season. My hands are full just staying warm, managing the terrain, keeping track of the dogs and sometimes even Leo.

Speaking of keeping track, Cierra thinks Tank is her very own little blond cow. I've been trying to catch her playing with him on video. She always stops whatever she is doing and tries to herd Tank. Every single time we walk near the pasture, which is most days.

Cierra came running up to Tank

He is completely obsessed with popping snow up! The lower pasture still has some decent snow. 

Cierra, Harmony and Nemo

Nemo wants to be the only one near us and gets everyone worked up. Well, except for Koda. He just watches and waits for us to round the corner, and walk over by him. 

snowshoe fun!

Remember leg warmers? Well, I saved one favorite pair for cross country skiing. I don't ski anymore, but still use them once in a while. They are oldies, from the 80's!

Nemo giving Tank "the eye"

Cierra and Nemo are both unsure of horse eating snowshoes. I think it's the crunchy swooshing sound they make, or perhaps the poles. Who knows. Both of them get high headed, start prancing and keep a safe distance from me. Sometimes Nemo also snorts, or blows out a loud warning that can be heard across the valley. Not the other two. They do this:

Harmony checking in with Koda

"Nothing to get excited about, right?"

Harmony & Koda chillin'

The horses watch us at a distance, as weave along all the paths and head over to the pines. The afternoon light is very different in the woods.

Tankee waiting to enjoy the beautiful snow covered woods


Linda said...

Haha! I’ve done a lot of that walking on previous steps through snow this year, too. We have so much ice now that it’s almost impossible to hike. Your horses seem to be handling it all well.

I remember leg warmers. I didn’t save any, like you did. They should have a comeback!

Shirley said...

Cierra the cutting horse! Has Brad ever tried her on cows?
I have a pair of gators I used to use back when I had snowshoes. They are made of cordura so they really keep your lower legs and boots dry. They zip up the side and have little hooks that you put over your boot laces to keep them in place. They work great!

aurora said...

I had leg warmers in various/multi colors. I also wore them for teaching aerobics (like Jane Fonda, ha ha!) until they went out of style. They worked really well for keeping snow out of my ski clip shoes. In the photo I posted, I tucked the leg warmers into my boots because we only got a couple inches. They usually go over the top of the boots. Gators would be better and wouldn't get as wet.

Shirley, Cierra has not been worked on cows. We thought about trying when Koda & Nemo were young. She would be good at it!

Val Ewing said...

Legwarmers! I haven't seen them in a long time. You wear them with style.
I have gators too and use them often.
I went through the woods today and places were sooo deep!
Your woods look beautiful.

I wonder if your horses would do that to a strange dog too? You know like saying: keep out of my pasture!

aurora said...

Hmmm, they might Val. I've never seen our horses defend their pasture from other critters. I have seen deer, turkey, coyote, birds, and even a large turtle (trainers pasture) in the same pasture with our horses. Our cats also frequent the pastures. Our dogs stay out of them.

What Cierra does with Tank definitely has a playful nature to it. Would be easier to see with video. Tank stays so close to me, it is difficult to get any video.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You need more snow! It is pretty there!