a softer side

My boy is a sweet horse. The only horse I've ever owned. To this day, there is no other horse I would rather ride or call mine. I really don't want to own another horse. Ever. 

Even with our three mishaps.

If you are a newer reader, you can read about the saddle snafuu here, the asshat in the van here and the worst accident part 1 and part 2. One can only hope I am done with hitting the ground. Not realistic, I know. But one can hope.

Even when his youthful type antics show up.

Koda is a trusty solid mount. However he doesn't just hand you everything, and continues making me a better horsewoman.

I can honestly say, I will never be bored. 

He is smart, and will do everything for you (if you let him). Especially if it means he gets back to filling his tummy sooner. Koda is food obsessed motivated, one of his less desirable qualities.

My boy has ruined loping any other horse for me. His lope is what most can only dream of, and feels like what it must feel like floating on a cloud.

At times I make Koda sound really naughty, but know he is just being a typical horse. I am whimpy. It doesn't take much for me to feel challenged.

There is a softer side to him.

He really enjoys being groomed and adores any kind of body work/care.

I love his big doe eyes, Fabio locks, and more importantly his interesting personality! I wouldn't trade him for the world.



Shirley said...

It's not always about the riding, this horsemanship thing. Some of the most magical moments come from just being with them, breathing with them, touching them and just enjoying their presence- a gift from God, who gave us the healing power of horses.
Went back and reread the wreck posts..... Yeah hope you never have to go through anything like that again!

Val Ewing said...

I agree with Shirley! Being with your horse is so much more than just riding.
I am too at the age where owning or raising another equine is not for me. I had my soulmate critter for years. Now I have my best friends who love me for my curry comb as well as their care.

Horses do tend to test you, it is in their nature! <3

Linda said...

Beautiful boy. I agree with the previous comments about the relationship on the ground, or even a modified relationship. Cowboy always challenged me, as Koda still does you. By the time we retired him from the trails, he and I had made some compromises about what kind of rides we would do, and with whom, and those turned out to be our absolute best years. I received a few snide comments, but for the most part, other people respected my decisions. And those who rendered snide comments were on my “whom not to ride with” list. I hope to carry those lessons into my life with Tumbleweed. Our horses are each unique, special souls and our journeys are equally unique.