welcoming committee

Cierra came home a day before our scheduled vet appointment. She was greeting by an eager welcoming committee.

Harmony, Koda & Nemo

Nemo greets her first 

too much pressure

Cierra had a long day and was still in heat. She understandably wasn't in the best mood. Shortly after this photo Cierra struck out, banging the gate. Very out of character. First time we've ever seen her strike. 

Whaaat? Somebody had to tell them to back off. 

Glad Brad decided to wait to turn the herd out together in the morning.

Nemo had a few opinions about his herd being separated. He flew around the pasture, making laps and a lot of dust. It is super dry here. We are in the early stages of a drought. There was a fair amount of calling back and forth for the remainder of the afternoon. Cierra is stalled next to Nemo, so they had plenty of time overnight to exchange whatever horses tell each other.

Our little herd went out together in the morning, and all was well in their world. They just seem happier with all four of them together. In the morning there was a lot of this:

Koda and Cierra


Val Ewing said...

Horses do have a way of communicating don't they? I can tell who is in heat because one of our mare mules acts like a stud around them!
It sort of is fun to watch.
Glad they are doing so well again. I bet Cierra is happy to be with her own herd again.
Doing laps must be a way of communicating joy or an expression of some other emotions too. Herd dynamics are interesting.

Linda said...

Sweet! They are a happy herd family! Welcome home! Glad there was so little drama.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks like she’s happy to be home with her herd again! So nice she’ll be able to be out and about with them again.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks like someone missed her! :)

Shirley said...

Nothing like having your herd together. I hope that Cierra takes this time. You are gonna love having a foal next year!