why jump?

Nemo jumped out of the pasture yesterday…my brother-in-law found him close-by and put him back in the pasture (thanks Jay!). He said the gate was closed, and could see where he had jumped out based on the tracks. Hubby did chores without me last night due to a family commitment, so Detective Aurora wasn’t able to investigate the situation. Brad checked Nemo out to make sure he was okay, and also saw the hoofprints where he had escaped. Guess the ground is a little higher in that area. Nemo had some scrapes on his legs, but thankfully nothing major.
Why would a horse jump out of their pasture?
Yes, I know – to get to the other side. But seriously why leave your best buddy, the back lush pasture, supplement hay, water, and shelter? I can only think of one reason, something scared him enough to jump out. If he wasn’t a gelding, I could think of another reason. Or maybe if he was starving and saw greener grass on the other side, but trust me they are very well fed.
I’m not sure we’ll ever know why he jumped out. I only know we’ll try to prevent it from happening again, while we keep a watchful eye for roaming critters.


Tracey said...

Listen, there was a day last fall when Quiet Storm was found on the wrong side of the gate, too. She was a tiny little 13.2 hands, the gate was the lowest point at just over 4'. Why did she jump? I can only surmise that Sandy was feeling grumpy and made her move.

Equiponderance said...

Hi, you are so lucky to have finally your own horse! I wish I had one. I love horses I could spend whole day with them, but as I am working city girl I have so little opportunities to be with them. Nice blog!:) Have a great weekend.

aurora said...

Good point Tracey. Maybe Nemo jumped just because he can. Perhaps getting scraped-up will remind him it's not such a great idea.

I hope your wish comes true one day for you as well Emilli, it will be all the sweeter when it does. Altho our situation isn't perfect (is anything?) it works. I hope your able to find a venue that semi-fits your style & schedule and stay connected, even if occasionally.

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there!
Nice to meet you...saw you signed up to "Follow/Lead/Share" over at my horsey place...Thanks!

I am siding with Tracey and think it was something that spooked Nemo to do it.I mean...who,has that kinda precise energies for jumping over fences =without being asked by a human partner?! So glad that only a few scrapes were found and the tendons were good too.

Good work detectives! Somethings, may just remain mysteries though~
Kacy with Wa mare~

aurora said...

Hi Kacy, glad to meet you as well.

After surveying the scene ;) I noticed a cracked tall tree had fallen in the wooded area of their pasture - it's been rainy & very windy. That's my best guess as to why a cow bred horse would decide to give jumping a try. His scrapes are getting better, and he is moving fine.

I agree, somethings will remain a mystery.

Anonymous said...

Strange horse mysteries - could have been a spook, could have been for fun - who knows? Glad no serious injuries.

gentlereins said...

hi, thanks for following our blog. Re: great escapes: When Rocky first came to live here (after 2 foster homes and one adopter that did not work out, it was just easier to bring him here and boy am I glad I did; he is a super nice little riding horse now), anyway, when he first came here I went out one morning and he was out of his pen. which is scary because we live along a blacktop road. The pins were pulled on the panels, and they were opened just enough for a little horse to get through. We will never know if Rocky did that all by himslef (is he that smart?) or if some mean person came along and did it. anyway, the pins are wired down now. and at least Rocky didn't jump it. They are very high panels!