turn a page

For many years I have enjoyed Lesley Harrison-Keller's "Spirit of Horses" calendar. The name, is what she portrays with her equine art. Each month I turn a page to reveal a new horse spirit captured and eagerly read the caption that gives a little insight to it's significance, my favorite part. I don't allow myself to preview the paintings (other than a quick glimpse at the beautiful heavy card stock envelope packaging) - what fun would that be??
I enjoy her art so much that I can't bare to part with past years calendars, they are that beautiful. I would love to see some originals in person. Co-workers complement my calendar periodically, and as of today I'm good to go for another year of dreamy views!! If you have not seen one of her calendars before, take a look - it's worth it. I went to school for art, and there isn't one painting I've seen over the many years that isn't spot on, and "takes me away" at some key point throughout the month it's displayed. Harrison-Keller is a very talented artist who uses pastels and oil to evoke emotion from the viewer, here is a link to her website Lesley Harrison-Keller


Tracey said...

You'll need to frame some of your favorite months and put them on your walls :)

Once Upon an Equine said...

It is that time of year to start shopping for equine calendars. I will check this one out, thanks. I like to have several for office, home, and barn.