sunny sunday

It's been a very wet and busy Fall to date, leaving us with little time to do anything other than chores - hence the lack of blog posts. I'm sure reading "it's raining again" and "we fed and hugged our horses today" would get boring in a hurry. However, this sunny Sunday we were able to spend some quality time with Nemo & Koda!!

Among other things, we hauled the trailer down, put their shipping boots on and fed them breakfast. Sounds easy? Well it is for Nemo, he has no problem with it. Loads up, stands, with or without the door closed - he's a quick learner and gets it. We ended up taking our second mini-road trip to our house with just him. Koda stayed in the pasture, the dogs didn't get to play this time
either. Koda & Nemo winney'ed across the fields to each other, so I guess today served as a lesson on seperation as well.

Fuzzy Nemo helping mow our lawn.
Side note; just noticed today, his mane has finally grown a little!

Koda continues to struggle with the trailer. He will load, and stand, but frequently does the panic back out thing... We do get to the point of easy loading, standing long enough to be able to ask him to back out/reload etc - almost long enough to even be able to put the butt strap on and close the door...but what we have now is different opinions.
I'm the reason he didn't get to go on the mini-road trip. I don't think he is ready, any resistance and he panics. I think he needs extra time, and deserves it considering "we" helped create the situation that set him back.

He was sweet when we returned, and very willing to do whatever I asked - so, we spent more time in the trailer. Guess it wasn't much fun being left behind in the pasture. Maybe I'm wrong not to take the next step, but I much rather he do it semi-relaxed than force the situation. It's not fun watching your horse freak out. What would you do, any suggestions on our trailer loading predicament?


Anonymous said...

Take whatever time you need, and just keep repeating each step until he's comfortable and then move on to the next step - no need to be in a hurry!

allhorsestuff said...

Good job there..sounds encouraging!
They all can be diff on the loading thing... I had one panic and it was terrible she went up and hit the non releasing bungie. I now use a blocker with a permenent, small rope that slides out easily so.
It has been frequent trips with good rides(good driving techniques) and treats for loading and even when I get in to release my mare.
Like Kate said...time in and be relaxed...he will get the point of trust soon with that attitude and consistancy.

My mare tends to dislike being first in...just a bit nervous with that. She will almost load herself if I point to the trailer..if there is someone already there!So I plan it the way she handles it best. have learned to just go with that ratrher than chance a mishap. Listening to her, has paid off tremedously so.I rather think she appreciates the courtesy I give to her fears instead of manhandling her over them...we work together through them. She sometimes has to go alone in the trailer with me...so other times..she gets to load lastly..the way she likes it!

It was nice here too yesterday...for all the wet we've had. Though it has been warmer wet stuff this year...diff than normal.

aurora said...

Thanks so much for the encouraging replies! Others may disagree, including those I live with. Unless Koda reeaally needs to go somewhere, the "close the door and make him stand there" philosophy can wait until he gains more of his trailer confidence back.

He hasn't made it long enough to try, but our switching to an easy release cord should help all concerned when we do close the door. Altho my hope is to never have to test the cord.