summer firsts ~ 3 of 3

Padame's first visit went so well that plans were made before she left for her home to haul her back to our place, right before her last show. This time, changes would include riding all together. Then leaving her to be ridden alone in the arena, before all heading out together for her first trail ride.

Mother Nature's thunder storms prevented us from trail riding, but other firsts were experienced with all three horses.

It occurred to us that we have never ridden our horses in our arena with the garage doors opened. Not intentional, doors are just usually closed by the time we ride to keep bugs & heat/cold out. Add to that, Brad parked the tractor at the far end of the open door facing the arena.

There are always tractors with arena rakes eagerly waiting to rake between classes. The tractor raised ears. 
All three horses took several good looks at the tractor, before realizing it wasn't a concern.

We have also never ridden in our arena when it was raining, or thundering for that matter. Or with other horses.

I haven't ridden with multiple horses anywhere, since we moved our horses home in 2018. Our horses haven't either. I was a little nervous at first (where does that come from?!) but Koda was a very good boy and the anxious feeling melted away as fast as it appeared.

Koda, Padame and Nemo in the distance

(16 seconds)

You may notice Koda chomping, he does that when bored etc

Our ride together was SO enjoyable!! At one point I looked over at Brad who was sitting still completely relaxed on Nemo, gazing at Koda and I. He had a huge genuine smile on his face, including his eyes. His whole face expressed pure happiness. One of those surreal moments, that words cannot describe. It made my heart swell.

We all took a break from riding and walked to the house between the raindrops for a late lunch. I had warm homemade quiches waiting for us. One crab, bacon, cheese with red pepper & leeks from our garden and the other was ham, bacon, broccoli, cheese & leek. YUM!! Served with sweet watermelon.

Padame was ridden a short time afterwards, before making the hour trip home. They plan to come back to our place to trail ride in the Fall. 


Shirley said...

Awww what a special moment!
Sounds like the whole day was kind of special from the new experiences with the horses to the proud husband and the yummy dinner.

Val Ewing said...

Wow, that sounds awesome! How great is all of that?

I bet the riding was just great and you are looking forward to more of it...and a trail ride whoo hoo!

Sitting while relaxed on a relaxed equine feels so great.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The whole day sounds like a win-win for everyone!

Linda said...

What a beautiful day. You’re making me hungry. Yum! Having your whole herd family together had to have felt complete, and seeing how good they are with you, and each other, so very rewarding.

Vickie said...

Hi Aurora and Brad - I had to sneak onto your blog to see how Padame was doing! Loved seeing the pictures and videos of her and Brad! Hope all is well as we are in full swing of fall and winter prep! Thinking of you all! Vickie

aurora said...

HI Vickie!! What a nice surprise! Welcome to my blog :) I am going to email you a more in depth response.

I tag posts about Padame with her name, they should come up via search bar. After a search, there is a "sort by date" to click on (near the top) I find helpful. Everyone loves Padame, she is a special girl!