summer firsts ~ 2 of 3

Our original thought with our first trailer in visitor was that we would all enjoy riding together. Reminiscent of many past years at our trainers place. She trained Koda, Nemo and then Cierra. You may recall, Koda & Nemo lived their for years while they were between homes. Instead, this visit was all about Padame. She needed our help, and we were happy to provide exposure for Brad's girl.

The goal was to duplicate some concerns that became apparent at a couple shows. 
Brad and I (and my large stuffed Rudy reindeer) became spectators.

We appeared and reappeared. Up high, down low, at gates, together, apart, at doors, at entrances, in windows etc. It was exhausting lol! We brought chairs into the arena and pretended to be judges. Hats on, hats off.

Everything was about change.

Padame wanted to avoid the judges that plopped chairs in the arena during her first official schooling trail pattern. Many horses take issue with judges. I don't blame them. Judges are scary and having them suddenly sitting inside mid arena is weird.

We dragged our feet, opened doors, waved our arms and were noisy in general. We turned the music off and everything got quiet. Absolutely everyone who comes to our place mentions how quiet it is. Horses hear everything, and quiet itself is a distraction.

Brad also rode Padame. I haven't watched them ride for a long time. Thought he might look big on his reining bred girl, but he doesn't. In fact they look great together! Yes, I am biased.

(13 seconds)

(15 seconds)

I made sure to have my camera ready to fire up in the arena, with my fav action lens (70-200). These photos are more my style. I had no idea I was going to be asked to take conformation photos prior (link above). Hopefully I redeem myself lol. I haven't shot much in our arena. It was fun practicing angles, and seeking changing light ~ in action!!

extended trot

We all took a late lunch break. Brad grilled. Horsey conversation was enjoyed, over a yummy meal. Afterwards, Padame went back to the arena for round two for a much shorter ride. Typical for the show world. Ride, ride ride and then ride a little more. Padame did great. Our trainer was very thankful and felt Padame really learned a lot.

To be continued. "summer firsts ~ 3 of 3" Padame visits a second time.


Val Ewing said...

I had so many concerns with Badger my mule and exposure to noise and distractions.
Thankfully, my neighbor 1/2 mile away at the time had Team Penning at his place.
I'd ride Badger to the events and we'd just sit and take in the craziness. We did that for a whole summer. It was so good for him. He learned to ignore most other animals and noises.

Boy she is a beauty. And yes, I am jealous! I'd love to see her in my pasture every day!

Amazing shots! Love her and all the work that she is going through with Brad and the trainer!

Linda said...

Looking good! They’re going to make a great pair. Smart of your trainer to find safe ways to expose Padame to stimulus. I guess that’s a common theme with the young ones. Your arena is beautiful, too. I’d be riding inside a lot if I had something like that. Perhaps someday soon. We will see. We’re going to talk to our barn builder about building something. Do you have AC in it? Or does it just stay cool with airflow?

aurora said...

Val, what a great way to expose Badger ~ and you rode him to the event. Love it! I bet he was all set for things like Horse Fair after that Summer.

I also would love to have Padame in our pasture every day! Now that we have an indoor arena, hopefully she won't be in training year round for sooo many years. With the level/type of riding Brad does, an indoor is a necessity. Brad is a completely different rider and much more experienced than when he started showing with Cierra. He could keep up Padame's conditioning at least during "off" months. Totally his decision. I know he always puts the horse first, so it will happen when he feels the time is right. Eeeks! I can't even imagine. Nemo would love to add another horse to HIS herd.

Linda, our arena is not air conditioned or heated. The fans help keep it cool in the Summer and insulation is key in the Winter. Of course location makes a difference too. I hope you get your indoor, or at least find access to one. Weather is only going to get more extreme.

Shirley said...

Brad looks good on her, she's not too small for him.
She looks like a really smooth moving horse. And pretty! She will catch the judges' eye in the show ring.
Seasoning her at home is a good idea. Trail rides will help make her more rounded too.
Remind me how to pronounce her name?

aurora said...

Thanks Shirley. We pronounce her name Pah-Dah-Me (vs. Pad-may, the Star Wars princess)

Far Side of Fifty said...

She is so pretty! Her mane is stunning:)

Grey Horse Matters said...

I once had a horse who was spooked by judges in the show ring too. We basically did what you’re doing and it worked. Brad and his girl look great together. She’s a dream girl. Love her.