seeing yellow

With photography, it is always a good idea to turn around. How do you know if the view is more interesting if you don't look? Sunsets are a good example. Try it some time during a colorful one, and you will see for yourself. Many times an eastern sky is just as stunning as the west, or more so. I call it "surround sound color".

Our skies have been rather blase' lately, but I got a colorful surprise when I turned around and walked our paths in reverse yesterday. I approached an area I call "cactus cove" and what do my wandering eyes see? They were seeing yellow!! A lot of yellow. How on earth did I miss this:

cacti buds close up tight overnight

Is it possible walking in reverse made that big of a difference? Maybe I am looking, but not really seeing.

wider view of cactus cove

Brad mentioned he saw some cactus blooms last week in another area, and forgot to mention it. We enjoying seeing their bright yellow for 2-3 weeks, depending on the weather. Looks like a favorable year for our native cacti. 

so many buds on one plant!

See the Japanese Beetle above? They showed up this week and are also on my sunflowers, calla lilies, and day lilies. I am back to constant bug drowning patrol, ugh!!! I see them flying around my veggie garden too. Boo hoo!

28 seconds of one of many cacti patches

the buds fascinate me

technically they are called "areoles" 

my best effort at a closeup, while swatting mosquitos


Val Ewing said...

I know you don't do FB, but I do follow a site called Badger Naturalists and I saw a post this morning talking about the cacti blossoming in Spring Green SNA, they followed with photos of these gorgeous flowers!
[I only follow mostly art/photography groups and have dumped 90% of people]

I thought I'd get swamped by bugs while hunting oyster 'shrooms this morning. I was surprised that I wasn't.

Hope you are getting this lovely rain today!

Far Side of Fifty said...

So pretty!!

Linda said...

I’ve never seen those cacti. How magical! It does make you wonder what is missed by looking the wrong way. I will start turning around more. Lovely photos.

The bugs are starting to get bad here now, too. Ugh. I don’t know if the world needs mosquitoes.