so many skies

Last night, I sat upon my moms bench. Like I do most every day/night. A place of great reflection and appreciation of things I love.

the clouds caught my attention
(7:48 pm)

Clouds fascinate me.

I love watching them travel and morph. My favorite are the lofty powder puff kind.

The clouds are different north of the river. They are closer. I don't care what anybody says, I know what I see.

You can almost reach out and touch the clouds. Almost.

I frequently say, we are a little closer to heaven.

As the day settled into early evening, I knew I was in for a treat. 

(7:57 pm)

Don't blink. The sky is ever changing.

a slightly different photo than above
(7:57 pm)

There is a new song and artist on the radio that resonates with me. So Many Skies by Caroline Jones featuring Matthew Ramsey (Old Dominion lead singer) with Zac Brown playing some amazing guitar. SO much talent intertwined with a powerful lyric.

A love song, about destiny and appreciation.

If this is all too mushy for you, than perhaps you will enjoy the last few sunset clouds marching off to whereversville.

Don't see the curiosity?
(8:36 pm)

How about now?
(8:34 pm)

Fred Bear
(8:36 pm)

Before the end of the sunset, I went out on our deck for a wider view. Wow.

backlit clouds, facing south

My phone turned the powder puff clouds a fake orange. They were actually a brilliant glowing light yellowish white.

(8:35 pm)

I sat on our deck, and turned my thoughts back towards the West. Mesmerized by the evolving rays. Brad was watching TV inside the house, while I watched a spectacular show outside our house.

(7:58 pm)

(8:00 pm)

I wonder who was beamed up?
(8:01 pm)

(8:06 pm)

"God I'm so lucky I've seen so many skies. Turning all shades of sunset and sunrise..."


Val Ewing said...

Oh wow! I am jealous of the fact that you can see this from your place!
For a wide view, I have to walk to the ridge, but that is okay, sometimes we get glorious skies in our hollow too.

Love these clouds. This morning they were pretty unique too! Stay cool today and hopefully the nasty weather doesn't come your way.

Linda said...

Beautiful sky shots! I’ve seen some dramatic clouds the last few days, but haven’t photographed any of them. You’re very blessed to have that view, and that you appreciate it, too.

Love the song, too. I’ll check out more by her.

aurora said...

Thank you. I just had to share the wonder before my eyes. Especially since our skies have been rather blase lately.

Val, Every location has it's good/bad points. I wish we had a stream!

Linda, Caroline is a new artist to me too. Not sure what she has all released. I don't particularly love her current hit on the radio (Come In) however, "Being Like a Women (Is Like Being the Sun)" is another song of hers I stumbled across and really like. More bluegrassy, with all women playing instruments.


Grey Horse Matters said...

The skies are beautiful and it's a wonderful place to sit and reflect on so many things at the end of the day.