between the concrete pours ~ build-an-arena

My last arena post update went up to April 26. That was a long time ago, more arena things have progressed. Grab a cup of your fav, there is a lot to catch up on. April finished up like this:

side & curved wall work continued

supervisors checking on Brad's grading
Tank (& Tinkerbell on bobcat roof)

May updates:

Brad ran control switch wires across the ceiling

operating the forklift was an easy lift/lower for me this time,
and I didn't even leave him up there!

arena drainage work continues

checking levels
before pouring arena (entrance) concrete flooring

tight fit

Brad took over maneuvering the monster belt truck. He somehow wedged it between the building and tree line, to make for an easier pour. I might add, the truck is on an incline (steeper than it looks). None of the other work guys including our son, would dare attempt this. Guess when you have the experience and own the equipment/surrounding property at risk, you can push the limits. Brad was smiling from ear to ear. I am glad I wasn't watching. I imagine the truck was tipped sideways before positioning, the entire stretch of the building.

they are ready to pour

'cmon Tank, let's get out of the way

but not before inspection

Apparently Tank also wanted to inspect the consistency of fresh concrete. I got a frantic call from our son, saying to wash Tank ASAP. Whhhat?! I wasn't even home. I was on my way back from buying the crew fresh donuts in town. The house was quiet when I left, but then I realized our daughter must have woke up and let the dogs out. Chaos ensued.

Fresh concrete will burn your skin. They had just started pouring when Tank ran full speed into it, before our son grabbed him. I didn't know what stage they were at, and had visions of paw prints everywhere. I am glad they didn't have to redo completed work. No one was mad, although our daughter was pretty upset. It wasn't really her fault. I was only gone for about 15 min and she was sleeping. I didn't even think of waking her up and telling her. Oops! 

She was washing Tank by the time I figured out where he was etc. He wasn't the first dog, and won't be the last to run through concrete. The guys were great, with stories of their own dogs doing similar. One for the memory banks. 

thank goodness for belt trucks

Out of the blue, I asked if we could include some horseshoes on the floor. Our old driveway has our kids little hands imprinted with year. We haven't done any imprints here. Brad & I talked about possibly doing horseshoes or something else, a long time ago. I completely forgot. They were close to being done pouring. I got a "ask your son" who was running the job. He said yes, but hurry up. 

I scrambled to find the few shoes I had stashed away for projects. We have Cierra's first set, but those are for something else. We decided on using Harmony's old shoes. The other ones I had were random, and didn't really match. Some were finds from Brads "family" farm. No clue what long gone horse wore them. Harmony was our families first horse after all, so she got the honors. Our son set the shoes and added the dates I wanted :)) For now they are sunk in, but we might pop the shoes out and leave just the impression. They have yet to be cleaned up.

2016 (land purchased)

2021 (arena built)

arena concrete floor drying
(funky perspective)

West exterior looking more finished, no more big trucks

the start of a mounting block

the gutter guys were out again, and did a good job on the barn too
(they installed the gutters on our house)

adding wood to the curved wall

mounting can be done from inside the arena

or outside the riding part of arena

more arena fill & different inspectors
(Remi and Purr)

Brad spent oodles of time on the curved wall and steps

June updates:

getting ready for the next pour
(service door approach, back of arena)

30 sec video update (with zoom to mounting steps)

interior leveled
the last top fines will be added once interior is complete

curved wall braces added & gates hung

there is a horseshoe on either side of gate arena entrance

back of arena with poured approach

If you made it this far, I applaud you!!  You are almost up to date. These last few pics were taken about an hour ago. I will try not to wait so long to update next time.

builder installation to come:

doors, interior top of wall tin and weather vane swap
 (tin and vanes not pictured) 

lights, fans and controls wait for electrician to wire

wondering what those metal black supports are?
I was too.

they are super heavy and sturdy

I laughed when I found out the hefty black supports that Brad & a co-worker welded, are for our small bleacher type seating. In his words "we got a little carried away" ha haa! They are great and we won't ever have to worry about them not being strong enough.

mounting steps are finished

we plan to add a "gate" to prevent escapes during the occasional indoor turnout

We are getting closer to actually being able to use the arena!! 


Val Ewing said...

This place is just wow! Looks like a show arena practically! I'm so glad you guys did this and that you followed it all of the way through by documenting it.
You can look back on it and smile at all the 'stuff' you guys went through. I know I still once in a while go back through my house remodel blog and wonder how we survived it all.

This will be awesome.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Looking good! Thank goodness you’ve got so many inspectors to keep you on your toes. Love the whole thing it really looks great. The mounting block came out really nice, I like the wide steps. You’ll be in there riding in no time.

Linda said...

I love your horseshoe idea. That adds a very personal touch. What an arena. I had no idea you were going to pour concrete in there, too. It's simply amazing.

Shirley said...

You guys did such a great job planning and executing every detail. It will be a dream to ride in especially in the heat of summer and the cold of winter. You really do have a perfect horse set up. Well done!
And I can just picture Brad grinning in that tricky truck maneuver!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow it is a wonderful arena!! You and Brad thought of everything!