October flew by...

...like a witch on a broomstick and no, that wasn't me on the broom!! Not much happened out of the ordinary at our place in October. Just trying to stay healthy at home, while the over-mentioned virus spreads like wildfire in our area. Sigh. 

As Winter approaches, we put future large projects on the back burner and work on as many smaller outdoor ones as possible. Like cutting wood, and cutting more wood. We have also worked on our trails. The rest of the time we are enjoying things like this:

Finding, Tank snoozing in his dads spot

Discovering, Angel fish floating in the Western morning sky

Seeing, tigers (aka Leo) on our walks in the woods

Watching, Leo love on Tank. He loves him soooo much its ridiculous

Enjoying, lingering Fall blooms like this surprise Iris bloom

These iris were transplanted from our old house, and bloomed a color I've never had. Iris are normally Spring bloomers, and even my re-bloomers have never bloomed in October. I am (re) learning to garden in different soil, where everything seems to bloom later.
Maybe this is the new normal? Very curious to see what familiar (or changed) Spring flowers appear this coming Spring in our sandy loam soil!!

Dreaming, always dreaming

Some day, the back of the barn will be extended with an indoor riding arena attached to it.

Walking, under huge powder puff clouds close enough to (almost) touch

Doing, endless chores while these guys enjoy Bed & Breakfast

(Koda, Nemo, Harmony & Cierra at feeder)

Appreciating, our horses. Every. Single. Day.
They all get along so well now, and trade-off being buddies.
(Koda, Harmony, Nemo & Cierra)

Nothing spooky about peaceful morning views in the upper pasture. 
October 31, 2020


Shirley said...

Lovely photos!
I've never seen an iris bloom that late. It looks like a heritage iris, judging by it's colour- they are very hardy.
Love the photo of Leo and Tank :0)

Grey Horse Matters said...

October did fly by, but then again the older I get the quicker time seems to pass.
Beautiful photos. Love Tank snoozing and playing with Leo the tiger. That is late for an iris I think so you must have the magical green thumb I'm missing. Everything looks so peaceful and beautiful. Enjoy it and stay well.