weather forecaster

If you want an accurate weather forecast, observe Nemo. Unlike our human weather forecasters, he isn't wrong on a daily basis. Nemo is the first to let us know when Spring is coming, and feels weather before it happens.

Just yesterday, I was getting ready to leave for a photo shoot at our trainers barn
when Nemo started running. I thought it was odd. It was starting to cloud over, but the birds were chirping and it was warm. Rain wasn't forecasted until overnight. I caught a small part of the warning round-up on my phone:

Shortly after I took the video, the thunder rolled. By the time I got out to the barn it started raining, hard. It looked partly sunny where I was headed, but called the photo shoot off anyways. Glad I did, tornado warnings were added to the general area shortly after. I was surprised to hear there was a touch down in the town where I was heading. Nothing major, just down trees. I am far from a storm chaser and prefer to enjoy their mysteriousness from the comfort of my home, altho it could have made for interesting equine photos.

Thank you Nemo, for always keeping a watchful eye.

I sure do love Brad's special heart horse!


Grey Horse Matters said...

You can keep all the fancy technology animals always know what’s comin weather wise. They should hire them to predict weather.

aurora said...

Yes! They could at least reference horses, or nature for that matter. It's real, and it's accurate. I think it's fascinating when weather is simply forecasted based on old world observations.

Weather forecasters have gotten a bit out of control. I've noticed all the new techy maps. They just can't wait to show the next map (but with a different view) that shows the same darn thing the first one did lol. Lot's of "ifs & when". The forecast is dependent and changes anyways. Not to mention it's frequently wrong.

Linda said...

That is what is so wonderful about living with our horses, we get to see these amazing acts of intelligence. I'm constantly shocked at what I see from them. He is very sensitive to weather, and what a good leader to bring them all in to safety. Quite magical and majestic.

aurora said...

Our weather turned again today Linda, Fall has arrived. I keep losing myself while looking out our windows at our horses interacting & grazing. Happy and healthy. I wouldn't trade the view of them for the world. So much to take in, just by being around them.