rare sights

I looked out the window while making supper, and wondered what was that red streak in the sky? It was coming up from low in the sky, or down depending on how you view things.

As mentioned in my last post, sky colors wrap around us frequently. I didn't find it too odd. I was drawn to the red beam, and couldn't stop looking at it. The color grew with intensity. I saw some faint blue & yellow starting to appear along the interior edge, and realized, it's a rainbow!!! I ran outside (well, my version of running lol) snapped a quick phone pic, and hurried to the barn to get Brad. He stopped what he was working on to oblige his sky obsessed crazy wife, and went outside to see our first rainbow at our new home!!
red sunset rainbow
(no enhancements)

We should have traded for our neighbors barn when offered,
there is a pot of GOLD in it!!
The odd part was the conditions were not the usual predictable East facing multi colored rainbow conditions I am familiar with. What?! You didn't know I was a Rainbow Predictor? Well I am ;) This rainbow faced North East, it was really red and apparently somewhat rare. 

Here is an interesting link on red rainbows. I learned finding them is different then "regular" rainbows. There is no such thing as a regular rainbow, they are all unique spectacular phenomena. This is how you find a red rainbow "if you’re watching a sunset, and there’s rain in the air, turn in the direction opposite the sun and watch for the elusive red rainbow."

The red beam started to reach higher, arc and look more rainbow-ish,
with faint blue/green/yellow interior colors
It didn't last long. I turned around to watch the sunset to the West...

No wonder there was cast light in the East forming a rainbow. I am sure my iphone does some processing to all photos. I haven't done anything to the sky pics, they do resemble what I see in person. Colors are a bit more dramatic, in particular the purple. What you don't see is the less colorful areas of the sky that balance it all out. All camera's process .jpg photos to some degree, unless you have a more advanced camera and shoot in a native RAW format. Like I do, with what I call "my real camera".

This morning I walked to the barn. Brad was working early on getting our tack room door up, his table saw caught my eye:

It was so cool! All pitch black in the storage side of the barn, except for the saw. I couldn't just walk past (I did add a filter to this phone photo). Light is such a spectacular sight!!

After chores I was wheelin' it back to the barn, looked up and saw an X in the sky above our barn:

X marks the spot

By the time I put the wheel barrel away and tried to get a better angle with my phone, the X had rotated and traveled but stayed in it's X format:

looks more like a cross

Just had to share what I think are rare sights :) I've always said, the best camera is the one you have with you - but I think I need to start carrying my real camera around with me!! 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful pictures! Love them all. I'm not sure I've ever seen a red rainbow and if I had I probably wouldn't have recognized it for what it was.

Linda said...

This whole post made me smile. Rare sights are sights to behold. It got me thinking that I shouldn't dread the rain and cold because there is something beautiful to be found everywhere. That photo of the saw is a special capture. I can just see you carting your "real" camera around with you during your everyday barn chores. I've tried that before, and it's quite hilarious. But maybe if you had it on your back it wouldn't get in the way. You never know when that shot is coming. Yesterday, a flock of doves alighted in our pasture and I used my camera phone to capture the moment, but it doesn't do it justice. Flock after flock of Canada Geese flew over while I cleaned up the pasture--so close I could hear the air under their wings. I think they land in the pasture in front of our house--thus, I'm in their flight path while they're low and landing. I never have my camera ready in time for it, but someday the stars will line up.

Shirley said...

Hmmm I will have to watch for a red rainbow! Although we don't get many spectacular sunsets here. Rainbows are usually east of us but I haven't seen a red one yet.