feel the ocean

Have I told you guys lately how much I love my husband? In an effort to not make this post mushy, I will keep it simple and just say *alot* 

There are so many little things Brad says and does, that make my life complete. He knows me so well. A few days ago, at the end of a loong very humid hot day, he calls out from the grill "hey, Aurora come here, you gotta see this" "look, he points across the field...there is your ocean..."

It doesn't look like much in the video, but it was so cool! Natures wind would start to swoosh, sending random ripples swirling, and waving across one of our winter wheat fields.

They would part, pick up, slow down, and go where ever the wind took them. 
Much like the ocean where you can not only see, but hear waves, you wait in suspense until the sound begins to elevate. Wondering and watching. In awe. Sometimes the ripples went far, and sometimes they didn't go at all. 

We talked about the huge wheat fields in Nebraska. Where they grow taller wheat varieties, and ripply waves are endless. We are growing a shorter variety, so we get smaller ripples. 

Obviously fields are not oceans. There are huge differences, but nature offers similarities everywhere. If you stop long enough to notice them. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Very cool! And on the plus side you won’t have to pick sand out of your bathing suit!­čśÄ

aurora said...

It was fun to watch! First time we've seen our wheat do this. It was way better in person then the video. You can kinda see the ripples mid way through the video, if you watch the center of field. Otherwise it just looks like grass blowing in the wind. Definitely not running around in a bathing suit these days. We do have sandy soil, much like being at the ocean - I have sandy feet!

Linda said...

What a beautiful comparison! You’re living that “and they lived happily ever after” life. That’s a blessed one!

Shirley said...

"Amber waves of grain" comes to mind :)

Mrs Shoes said...

I always have made the same comparison - without the smell of salt or the spray, of course.
Point is (think Brad was saying too), take a minute to appreciate all this that is yours, that you worked so hard for, together. :-)