build-a-barn ~ stall parts

We purchased our metal stall parts from Classic EquineWe didn't choose them at first because lets be honest, they are expensive. However, I am a firm believer that in most cases you get what you pay for. We felt stalls was an area worth paying for quality, plus we fell in love with their latches!!

Initially we were set on metal grates vs bars or wood panel. Our boys currently live in full front grates, and we really like them. We love that we can see their entire body, with good air flow. I don't recall why, but we decided to get half & half. Bars on top, grates on bottom. I think because I thought the shavings would stay in better? We learned bars & grates for all practical purposes are the same, including durability. After more thought, we decided all bars would look better. We didn't fancy up our stalls with things like yokes, or gold knobs. We opted not to put in dutch doors. Our boys have them now, and all they do is scratch and press on them. We went with the standard black, although they have many colors.

The only decorative thing we added, was a wood strip along the center. I thought it would balance the shaving guard on the bottom, and make the stalls blend in better. It gives a place for possible name plates, or maybe even a strategically placed hanger. Although I'm not a fan of hanging stuff off of stalls. 

Here are the parts, we are super excited!!

stall fronts & side partitions

stall front with areas noted

stall partition (upside down) for the double stall

It will swing to one side & latch.
The bottom half will be wooden boards, like the rest of the stalls.
The double partition is leaning up against the tack room.
The double stall will be just beyond it, to the right.

8 sliding stall doors

stall window grates
(you can see the sturdy, easy to use latches)
You may notice we do not have grain windows. We opted not to get them, so our autowaterers could be strategically and more economically placed. One water pipe comes up in-between and feeds into two stalls. Except for the double stall, it will not have an automatic waterer. It may have limited occupants anyways, we couldn't justify the cost. With sliding doors and waterer placement, a grain door just wasn't possible. We work with our horses to not be grain monsters, so it won't be an issue.

As long as I'm doing a barn update, here is the current status of our saloon:

Brad has paneled the front & outside wall!

It is going to take a while to get the stalls up. They have to be measured, set up and bolted. Brad is going to need help, they are heavy!! Before that happens, the rest of the electrical needs to be done, so they aren't working around them. 

The wood boards for the side partitions have to be figured out, purchased and installed. Eventually we will need to buy the waterers, get those installed and put the shaving guards & decorative pieces on. Never a lack of things to do!!

...imagining the stalls...


Linda said...

Wow, they sure are a sight!! I’ve never seen that type before. One of my issues with doing the stall fronts has been not wanting to block off my view of the horses in their stalls, these solve that problem. They might be my answer.

aurora said...

Open front stalls have been around forever, but most people go with half wood bottom & bars on top. All the prefabricated self standing stalls I've seen come this way. Nothing wrong with either style, just a matter of preference. Half wood looks better and may cost less, but you sacrifice air flow & visibility. Both things are very important to us. Nemo & Koda's grate stalls that they over night in at our trainers are easily 30 years old. I bet you could find open stall fronts in your area :)

Shirley said...

Stop it, I'm getting barn envy!!!!
The only thing I would be concerned with having the bars on the bottom is, how far apart are they? Should be ok for an adult horse but could a little one get a hoof caught in there?

C-ingspots said...

You're making so much progress, won't be long now! I ditto the concern Shirley mentioned. Will the bottom be wood covered for safety?

aurora said...

I'm not sure how far apart the bars are? I'll have to measure. Yes, if it ends up being a concern we would secure a board for the limit time we would have a foal. Brad does plan on eventually breeding Cierra, for us. We have no interest in becoming breeders, but that might be a good reason to go with grates vs bars.

Mrs Shoes said...

One thing I wish we could have had is stall waterers, but since we can't even keep the fricking water spout in the barn from freezing, that seems like a moot point. Lucky for you though, what time & trouble it will save you!
p.s. When will drinking in the saloon commence?

aurora said...

Freezing water spouts are a PITA! I'm sure you know, depth has a lot to do with it. Hoping ours isn't problematic, including the shelter waterer. As far as the saloon, it's freezing in there right now!! Coldest spot in the barn, since it gets no sun. As soon as it gets warmer, I am sure the saloon will be put to good use ;)

aurora said...

Brad's response to Mrs Shoes question about the saloon is: not soon enough!!