build-a-barn ~ excitement is growing

Today is the day! Guess what is arriving?? 

No, not the horses. Close! Something for the horses. 

Every equine barn has them. They cost an arm and a leg. We thought looong and hard about which direction to go, down to every detail. We've used various types for many years, and visited a newer barn to take a closer look at theirs. Over the span of a couple years, we've talked with various vendors at Midwest Horse Fair.

We had these things picked out, but that companies customer service turned out to be nothing short of rude. So we went with a different better manufacturer. We were looking for quality, longevity and safety - and I am happy to say the company we purchased from has been awesome to deal with! 

Any ideas?? I've made it pretty easy to guess.

It seems like we picked them out a long long time ago. I can't wait to see what they look like in person! It will be even more fun to see them installed!! 

Our barn is never going to look empty, like this again...

our grand dog Jameson
running around the soon to be filled space

Of course, nothing will compare to when we can actually use them!! I am SO excited for this major step in building our barn!


Linda said...

Stall fronts?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Partitions and sliding doors that make the stalls? I'm not great at guessing. Jameson is adorable.

Mrs Shoes said...

Stalls & fronts!
We had steel bent into u-channels and slipped 2x6's into the channels - walls are adjustable (& removeable) at any point. But if we had had the money to have someone else do it all, I would've & I'd have had beauty stall fronts with wrought iron weldings & gingerbread too.
Frankly though, I'm just lucky & thankful to have a (relatively plain, especially in comparison to YOURS!! So fancy!) insolated barn.

aurora said...

Yes, yes and yes!! Our stalls arrived today! It took four guys to carry each piece in - they are heavy!! I took pics & will share tomorrow. Oh happy day!

Linda said...

Ohhhh, I still need real stall fronts and doors. Maybe this will be my year. Can’t wait to see yours!