build-a-barn ~ fresh air

Well, it got me. I had been surrounded by sick people with every kind of symptom since before Christmas. I got some kind of stomach virus. After day four of being glued to the recliner, I couldn't take the lack of stimulation anymore. I knew I shouldn't, but Brad was working out at the land alone. Who was I going to contaminate out there? He was already exposed. So I got ready & loaded up the grand dog. It just about wiped me out. But I headed out anyways. Perhaps, some fresh air would do me some good...

When I arrived, Brad was:

working on the saloon & bathroom doors

he got the electrical sides of the paneling done on the bathroom walls

Sorry for the strange perspective. I only took one photo. Looks like the bathroom door is on the floor, weird! What can I say, I wasn't feeling well. That's my story & I'm sticking to it! 

We also measured the bars. That photo didn't work very well either lol. The bars are round, and I couldn't get the tape measure in between the small space. When I held the tape measure in front of the bars, the photo made it look like it measured out to wider then it did. You'll just have to take my word for it.

To answer Shirley & Lorie's question on my last post about the distance of our stall bars, the bottom bars are little less then 1.5" apart. Mini foals might be a concern, but we won't have any. We might temporarily board the bottom up anyways, just for peace of mind and so a little one doesn't bonk their head into metal until they get their legs.

After a closer look, the bars are slightly different widths on the top vs bottom. Top stall bars & window grate distance between each bar is 1.75" 

Jameson helping Brad check the bathroom door swing

I used to walk our woods several times a week, but for whatever reason I haven't made it out to our woods in forever. I asked Brad if he would be willing to take a break, and go for a slow walk with me. I wanted to feel & see what the woods look like again.

We walked around the horse pasture, and changed cards in our game cameras...

it's fun getting muddy
I had to stop for a break a couple times. I zoomed in from the bottom of the pasture, looking at the barn and wishing the horses were here. You must be sick of seeing barn pictures, and I miss our horses!! I was in no shape to ride, and didn't want to get everyone at the barn sick. After this week, we will get back to a regular horse schedule. I hope.

winter barn view

It was unseasonably warm, close to 50F. We almost turned back, but what I longed for was our pines...

feel the wonder
Taking that walk and getting fresh air did help. It took a few more days of laying low, but I am completely better now. Being sick sure reminds a person to be grateful for healthier days. 

Wishing you all good health!! It is truly the key component to everything else in life.


Shirley said...

The barn is coming along pretty good! Thanks for the info on the bars.
Sorry you are sick, it seems to be particularly bad this year.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The barn looks beautiful. I’m glad you’re feeling better being sick is the pits. But getting some fresh air is always a good idea.

aurora said...

Shirley, I tried to find out the general size of a newborn foals hoof but was unsuccessful. I think we'll be okay. I'm glad you asked :) Thanks Arliene, hoping to have other things to write and take photos of...eventually. Never intended to do this many barn posts, but it is what it is. A long process. More so because our house building is a time hog.

Mrs Shoes said...

Wow, when you get out there just living on the daily......... wow.

Linda said...

Seems like everyone is getting sick this year, and I completely understand your need for fresh air. What a beautiful place to get it—at your barn and land. It’s so beautiful I think it would heal whatever ails you!

C-ingspots said...

Amen to that! We take our good health for granted until we get sick. I think I'm finally getting over whatever virus I've had. Occasional lingering cough remains, and still lower than normal energy levels, but I'm certainly on the mend. SO glad you're feeling better too!!

The barn looks amazing. Absolutely amazing. Brad deserves an award for all his hard work. I can only imagine your excited anticipation. :)

The pines...oh my gosh, those amazing pines. I know exactly how you feel. In our dreaming of Central Oregon (read: drier climate), we absolutely have to have property in the Pines. The big, grand doug firs don't grow there as much, but the Pines do, and some of them are pretty big. Looking up through the majestic Ponderosa Pines at that intensely blue sky is what keeps us dreaming about relocating.

Yep, I know just how you feel about your trees, and that fresh air. It is a cure for what ails ya.