we interrupt this life

Our life as we've come to know it has been interrupted. No riding lately, not even days when it's sunny and 60F. Boo!! Important things must be set aside for a while. I keep telling myself, it is just this year. We will fall into a new normal. Eventually. I hope.

My guys are busy most weekends, working on the land/house/barn. There are sooo many steps, to get ready for the next step, which leads to the next one. It goes on and on. Kinda like the song that never ends!! Sooo many additional trips and extra hours put in at the land during the weekday/evenings too. Much of the work falls on Brad, some labor, some coordinating, all time consuming. Thankfully our son is helping as much as he can off hours, with things that take more then one person. I wish I could be more helpful. I'm just not a builder savvy kinda gal. Between my bad back and simply not having the knowledge, I would just slow things down. What I can do falls into more of a supportive role. Involving mostly food, driving back-n-forth, pets and patience. Lots of patience. Don't worry tho, we aren't suffering too bad. Just tired. 

In the midst of all the gazillion building related happenings, this girl found fun in the most unusual places...

my playground
climbing giant "mountains" of sand
was SO much fun!!
68/365 ~ photo challenge
That's my boy!! The one in the safety yellow, and tan vest further down. He worked his way into being a foreman, at a very young age. His dad removed himself from any official process, and we are so proud of him. I tried fiercely to steer him towards a different career, but you have to let your kids follow their hearts. Many moons ago he was riding a tricycle inside the freshly poured basement walls of our current house, and now he is building them. 

There is something special about working on your own projects, and those who make the extra effort.

pouring the footings
top of sand mound view
makes the house look big (it's not)
and yet the tall wall panels look small
pouring basement walls in a snow storm
(yes, they work all winter)
same vantage point as above
lilac insulation, covers waterproofing material

white arrow: garage
red arrow: storage under stoop, our son's idea
blue arrow: jump - I know why, still don't get it
pink arrow: columns for deck support
green arrow: drain tile, waterproofing
yellow arrow: wall brace, takes 7 days for walls to cure

The house site looks so different, yet again. Foundation walls are backfilled and buried, sand mounds are gone. Everything is moving so quickly...

house site dreams


Linda said...

What an awesome memory, to see those you love helping to build your dream home. I think that is the definition of being blessed. Yes, working with your hands and seeing something as vital as a home emerge from that labor, has to be so satisfying. My husband is really looking forward to tiling the entire basement after it dries out. It's his way to work with his hands.

Grey Horse Matters said...

It's going to be awesome! And more importantly you've got people (son and husband) working on it so you'll know it's done right by those who care about your home. I know it seems like it's probably going slow to you but I think you're really getting a whole lot done very fast. Good luck and hang in there, it will be worth the wait.

Shirley said...

That's pretty cool that your son is in charge of helping build your house! It will be fun watching it take shape, I for one like progress photos.

aurora said...

First time I've seen our son working with his crew on a job. It was fun being able to get pics of them in action. This whole building project is definitely a feeling of shifting tides and mixed emotions. I am taking as many photos as I can of the fleeting moments. Thanks for sharing your time & thoughts, love hearing from each of you!

C-ingspots said...

Oh, how exciting! Everything is coming along so fast, and it's wonderful that your guys are doing so much of the work themselves. Good memories, and you know they're doing a good job. Soooo happy for you!! When you own property, the work never, ever gets finished though.