wednesday whirlwind

This post title fits my world lately. It is mostly inspired by our second day of ridiculously high winds! I guess if your days are crazy, you might as well have crazy weather too. Said no one ever. 2017 already ranks high on the "it's been a very unusual year" list, in more ways then one.

Our spring vet appointments came & went, over a week ago already. Koda lucked out, and only got immunized. Cierra had shots, teeth floated and since she was doing some odd breathing for our trainer the day prior, they checked her lungs too. Everything was normal. The garbage bag procedure was new for all of us at the barn. 

Cierra handled breathing
into the bag very well
Nemo always get's the most done, poor guy. Shots, teeth, ultrasound and flushing for his unique calcium build up problem. We also found out he has to repeat the whole allergy shot series again, forever. I swore the vet said it was a once a month maintenance shot after the initial series, but I was wrong. He explained the reasoning. Every year it's a brand new pollen season, so the calculated shots are the best way to keep symptoms down. Nemo was SO incredibly miserable last year, it is worth it. I will be glad when Nemo lives with us again, so we can give him the shots ourselves. The intricate ever changing schedule is asking a lot of someone else. We are fortunate he lives at a place where other people love him too.

Nemo & Brad by the scary door
My rides with Koda continue going well. We are back to riding in the indoor. He is being such a good boy under saddle. Koda is Koda and will always try shenanigans on the ground, all minor. The other day he was standing in the arena while I scooped poop before getting in the saddle (his brother is a never ending poop machine) and one rein flopped to the ground. Koda picked the rein up in his mouth and was trying to put it back on the rail, or direct himself with it - not sure. He is no dummy. Typical silliness, always making us laugh!

We are working on a little bit of everything, including some loping. His lope in frame is like riding on a cloud! My favorite gait, with a willing partner. We don't lope endless circles, don't need to. Just enough, is good enough for us.

Koda in no hurry to rejoin his herd
Some other fast changing news: our house build started this week! Brad & our son staked the house out (again) on Saturday. Brad prepped the site, and then we met with the excavator to answer any questions. While they talked building stuff, I snuck off for a quick walk through the pines. Something I haven't had a chance to do for a long time. 

heading out of the woods
and seeing our barn for the first time in the distance,
made me pause...
The very next day our house site was turned into a giant sand box. 

for perspective,
see Brad standing in the photo
They finished digging the house today, and tonight my guys along with a handful of awesome employees will do the next step - set the footings. I sure hope the wind dies down!

Our house site will continue changing rapidly over the next week, before it slows down again. I won't bore you with a gazillion step-by-step house building photos, but you can bet I'll be taking them!! I may or may not be biased, but I find the process fascinating and fun to shoot. I'll share a few updates, but if you don't hear from me for a while you will know why!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Before you know it, we will all be riding outside!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

The weather here in the East is crazy too. One day it's below zero with wind chills and the next day it's 61 like it was today.

Good to hear you and Koda are having riding time and fun. What a character with the reins. I love horses who have big personalities. Hope the allergy shots help Nemo. They did help my daughter's horse Nate.

So exciting that your house is getting started! Can't wait to see the progress. Good luck.

Linda said...

That is cool to see your house taking form. And, what a beautiful spot. There's something that looks back-in-time about it when seeing it through the branches at the tree line. Please keep sharing your photos as it progresses! I find it fascinating, too.

Mrs Shoes said...

I think the weather everywhere has been a mess; I hate the 30-40 degree differences from one day to another (make up your damn fickle mind already, Mother Nature).
Our house was constructed on site, but most houses around this part of the country seem to be modulars - one day there is no house and the next day the folks are moving in. Boom!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

I hate wind! Glad you and Koda are doing well. SO what was up with the bag? I have seen that used testing for heaves but I presume Cierra doesn't have that?

aurora said...

Thanks all, and truly I hope the weather normalizes (whatever that is) for all of our sakes! Sherry, the vets (yes plural, we had two) said they use the bag because it causes horses to breath deeper so they can hear how they are breathing in their lungs better. Everything was normal with Cierra's breathing at the appointment.