a horse filled day

Saturday was a glorious horse-filled day! We made a trip into town and got shavings, a new hay feeder and more grain for the filly, and caught-up with our favorite saddle-fitter friend! Then we hauled our trailer down to the farm, tied to it/tacked up - and headed out for a cool Fall ride! Why did we take the trailer down? Well, to prepare for Sunday...post to come :)

Riding out.
The white plastic corn filled tube looks sooo small in this picture.
It is actually very long, and taller then Koda.

Off the trail and into the open pasture.

Nemo & Brad playing with the left over cornstalks.
We covered new ground today, riding in an area of the farm I've never even seen. It was long overdue. I've been in the family well over 20 years, but never had a reason to go back there. It's fun hearing Brad talk about the family farm, as our ride sparks memories and stories. At the end of the south pasture we took a path into the woods, and saw more area's to explore in the future.

Taking a break in the woods.

When we returned, we let the filly out into the big pasture. We continue introducing her into our small herd, while we are there to supervise.
What is she doing in here?

It's okay Nemo.

They are all doing well together, but the filly will remain separate for now. There is only one of her, and 3 1/2 of them. Even the resident pony tries to put the filly (who is already taller then her) in her place if we aren't watching. I am glad we are keeping her separate, especially after hearing a story earlier today about a filly that got kicked and broke her shoulder - that baby now gets to hang from a hoist for two weeks. Brad took his filly out, and loaded her into the trailer a couple times while we had it down there - and then we called it a day.
Getting a hug from Brad, for being a brave girl.
First time loading up with the divider (no ties).
Even drinking water is more fun in the big pasture!


Leah Fry said...

What a cutie! Can't wait to see more pix of her.

BridgeEtta said...

such a pretty girl. I love exploring.

Shirley said...

I Love the colour of this filly. So is this your husbands horse or your daughters?

aurora said...


Shirley, the filly is my husbands. She is a Smokey Black, and has great blood lines. What she really has going for her is her incredible personality.

I really need to re-do my side bar!!

Jeni said...

great times!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Looking good , sounds like a nice ride and the fuilly seems to be doing well

juliette said...

I love that your farm is so big that there are trails out there you are just discovering! You are lucky! Your filly is adorable and good natured too, it sounds like!

Unknown said...

Lovely days those...filled with horses and discovery! NICE!!!

haha...have to share the veri word with you..
It is an endevour that is ...for men!