crow away

There wasn't enough time to trailer anywhere last weekend but we took advantage of what time we did have, and headed out to explore more of the farm on horseback. I thought the boys did really well as we rode close to a new patch of goose decoy, considering the "windsock" type were swinging around. Shortly after we headed into the woods, and rode the entire length of the existing wooded trail for the first time. I was surprised, the trail was actually pretty clear for not being used much.

Taking a break in the woods.
We came upon an old windmill, I've never seen before. It wasn't running when Brad was a kid, he thinks it's gotta be over 100 years old.

Old Windmill
It's not a State Park, but it's private and convenient. Got me looking forward to clearing/making more trails. The other patch of woods is larger with more mature trees. There used to be a snowmobile path that ran across Brad's family farm and through the woods, so other frameworks already exists.
Nemo & Brad up ahead.

We headed back out into the open. Crows were squaking in the distant woods, and as we rode closer they got louder, and louder, until - WOW - that was the biggest spook our boys have ever done. Not sure what caused it, but all of us scooted a good 8-ish feet in a nano second. We reassured our boys. A bit later it happend again, to a much lesser degree. Koda and Nemo were on alert the rest of the ride. I'm not a fan of crows to begin with. I love birds, but not those disease carrying scavengers. I know they are intellegent, but...they can just crow away somewhere else. Needless to say, we had a bit of everything in this interesting ride.


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Looks like another lovely trail. You would like my Skeeter dog,he is on a mission to rid the world of all crows! he hears or sees a crow and he is on it! running and barking ,I think he plans to pick up enough speed to get airborn.Rotten crows! I agree

Leah Fry said...

I have a theory as to what they're saying when they get to carrying on:
I'm the king of the crows.
Yes, yes, you are. We agree.
Nuh-uh, I'M the king of the crows.
Yeah! He's the king of the crows.
Ad infinitum.

allhorsestuff said...

Woo hoo..don't ya just LOVE private places to ride?!!
Very cool.
Glad for the sticky but you had.. and the times you can make neat trails in future!

gtyyup said...

Hi there!! Thanks for stoppin' by my blog and following!

You've got some great riding out there!! Enjoy these beautiful fall days while you can.

Happy Trails~

aurora said...

Good theory Leah lol. There did seem to be one top squawker, before they all joined in and reached an unbelievable high shrill, and yes Kacy - they are creepy!

Thanks for stopping by gtyyup! Fall is definitely the best time to ride in WI.

juliette said...

Who needs state parks when you have a farm like yours?!? Finding 100 year old windmills? - Very cool.
Crows are loud and annoying, but they are good practice for the horses. Ours are so prevalant, that Pie and Sovey ignore them. I think that makes the crows all the madder...and louder!