her royal sweetness

Brad's filly continues to grow both in size, and sweetness. This girl just wants love ALL the time. She will stand forever for a horsey-hug. Here she is after getting her hooves picked:

She is filling out her halter a little better.
The filly (no, she doesn't have a barn name yet - don't even get me started...) particularly enjoys getting the top of her hip scratched, which can be daunting when she swings her butt towards you! She's never kicked, but there is a first time for everything. Afterwards she always looks at us like "whaaat? I just want you to scratch me!" She's not going to stay little forever, and so we continue working on her swing - or shall I say not swinging.

Fuzzy Filly
We put her out with the girls (Harmony, and resident pony Barbie) while we ride Koda and Nemo, both in the pasture/arena and out on the trail. There is less herd dynamics and we trust Harmony, so far the girls have done fine together. The whole herd always has some time together each day, but the safety of a gate continues to separate the filly for at least a couple more months. So far they all seem to have figured out kicking her is not allowed (at least while we are there) but keeping her out of ones space is okay - they are horses afterall.


Sherry Sikstrom said...

She sure is a cutie

juliette said...

Oh my goodness, she is adorable! And, to have a little one who is so cute AND allows you to love her up! Sigh! That is the road to having an affectionate horse/pony forever. How lucky are you!?!

aurora said...

Thanks, we are really enjoying her. Along with being affectionate, she is pretty funny and makes us laugh. The only thing missing are spots, but I can always add some ;)

Yep, we are firm believers it all starts when they are young. The more frequent hands-on the better, makes all the difference in the world.

I'm having a hard time getting good pictures of the filly, guess I just need to shoot more!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Maybe she can learn to let you do the butt scratching from the side? Our Lily (very large mare) would back into you until you scratched as much as she wanted. She was a terrible kicker to other horses, but never offered to kick a person - all she wanted was a good scratch - that said, I tended to do it from the other side of the fence!