late evening trail ride

Brad and the boy who doesn't like horses have been working hard this weekend down at the farm fixing things up. Yesterday they dug out and hauled no less than 14 large tree stumps left over from the power line destruction, I mean improvement, at the west end of the pasture. We had already cleaned it up once (by hand) before the trees got cut a while back. Frustrating. Anywho, let me add it's been a hot and humid weekend - and I'm thankfull for the hard working boys and machinery in my life.

Everything was running late, and this was looking like unplanned day number three off for Koda & Nemo. However, Brad and I decided to give them a quick warm-up and go for it. We headed out for a late evening trail ride. What were we thinking? We wanted to get our ride in b
efore the jets sore, and the gigantic not-so-far midwest fireworks display events begin.

Everything looks different close to dusk. The familiar path had bears in the woods, at least that's what Koda thought. Hubby reminded me, we really do have bears (sited recently in the subdevelopment across the highway). Regardless, we rode all the way up into the big hay field, and around. The only scary thing we saw was four bounding deer, and some crane - if you call that scary. Nemo & Koda were on high alert. They eventually calmed down. It was all good. We were proud of our boys. Not only was it odd lighting and past dinner time, there were weird firecracker sounds in the sky.


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Good boys , changing light can make even the seasoned pros a little jumpy by times

Jeni said...

Aurora -- guess what?!?! YOU ARE RIDING YOUR HORSES AT YOUR PLACE!! *grins*

... anytime you want!

aurora said...

Fern, the changing light definitely added doubt.

Jeni, I know - right?! While our situation is far from perfect, the important part is that we are enjoying living our dream :)