mission accomplished

We do own ladders, but what fun would that be?

Koda didn't think there was anything fun about a Brad in a tree. He was more interested in poking around in the dirt.

Until the tree climb didn't work and Brad climbed the fence instead to try removing the annoying branch, that got Koda's attention. He was right there trying to help, as usual.

He found out why we didn't want him so close; cracking/falling branches are scary.

Nemo watched from a safe distance, until the mission was accomplished. No more branch-in-the-face when riding in the arena!


Sherry Sikstrom said...

All set now!

aurora said...

Almost, still need to buy more panels. They aren't cheap. But we have been putting the arena to good use regardless :)

BridgeEtta said...

Good pictures. Looks like your horses have character and that must mean you do to.

Jeni said...

For some reason I thought Brad was going to fall... Glad he didn't. I was chuckling at Koda startling a bit. But no tree in the face is a great thing!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Cute! Koda looks like there might be something yummy in that tree branch. And nice not to get smacked by a tree branch when you ride.

aurora said...

CCC, you are absolutely right - our horses have/are characters.

Jeni, I thought Brad was going to fall too. We aren't in our 20's anymore, but we like to think we are :) if nothing else, at heart.

Once Upon, I'm pretty sure that's what Koda was thinking lol. I like how his mane is going the opposite direction.