outdoor arena

Last night while we waited for the farrier to arrive, Brad and the boy who doesn't like horses worked on the outdoor arena. Because we don't own the property, we are putting up a structure that we can take with us and fixing up the little that already exists. Brad and the boy made good progress taking down posts, replacing rotting wood, putting up new board panels and realigning the metal panels from the round pen. I supervised (read as asked a lot of questions) and took photos. Not a bad job.


We are almost done. We have to buy a few more panels, and then haul in sand (hopefully a non-issue). The arena won't be as long as I had hoped, but should be a nice area to work the horses.

Koda loves being by the boy who doesn't like horses, and tried to help.The boy wasn't amused. Koda didn't care, as long as he gets to be by him. The boy should be so lucky. I took advantage of the koda(k) moment and got my favorite picture from last night, see below.


Sherry Sikstrom said...

HAndsome boy that Koda . Funny how they like to hang with the ones who claim to not like them. My pld stud was funny like that , a freind who was actually scared , and ole Chips ,just kept getting closer , quiet and gentle but Oh so present

aurora said...

It's been pretty funny Fern, the attraction has been going on since the first day we went to look at Koda & Nemo as yearlings. We thought perhaps down the road Koda might even become his horse (because of the attraction) but our son prefers four wheeler's. He is actually really good with horses. We'll see what happens when some special girl goes "ohhhh, you have horses" ;)

Leah Fry said...

Hahaha! So true about when the girls find out he has horses. Ooh, that sure would have turned my head back in the day!

Jeni said...

Aurora I love the picture of Koda looking over the board too! You will really enjoy the outdoor arena too cool!

Rising Rainbow said...

Cute that Koda hangs out with the boy who doesn't like him. Horses are so darn smart. They know how to win people over.

So true about the girls. My friends son gets chased by girls all over the show grounds and he's not even old enough to appreciate it yet. LOL