peaceful pastures

Hello Blogger friends! Long time no type. I hope you are all enjoying your respective Springin' into Summer. It has been quiet here at Hidden Cactus Ranch.

In April, w
e took a chance and introduced Koda and Hope without barriers. The first indoor meeting was so non-eventful they have been turned out together with Harmony ever since.


Instant love, even with a mouth full of hair
(21 secs)

Hope says "I am a big girl now!"

We are thankful to not be doing half day turn-outs. Swapping one boy out for the other is a thing of the past. Someone was always in the barn alone. Letting us know they were less than happy, although both boys were good sports in general. It wasn't fun for us either. Cleaning stalls dragged on all day and it is hard to go most anywhere.

Nemo and Koda are still not pastured together and at this point never will be. I still find it very odd after being inseparable for so many years. They are stalled next to each other, but we plan to move one of them.

Cierra continues to be possessive with Hope, so she is Nemo's pasture mate. Our horses really all want to be together. At times they operate as a herd, even with a fence between them. 

Harmony, Hope and Koda are very happy sharing a pasture. Their herd interactions are funny to watch. They do most everything together and seem to have zero issues. I couldn't tell you who rules, but I can tell you who is the fastest. Hope by a landslide. She outruns everyone. That girl is fast! She also continues being sweet and level-headed. Hope seems to have calmed Koda down. Significantly.

Peaceful pastures are pure bliss. So are rainbows.

view of our barn from the house deck

wide angle

(my old phone didn't pick the second one up very well)

Be well, until next time.


Shirley said...

Yay for peaceful herd dynamics! And for easier chores- win/win.
Lovely rainbow, it's so hard to get the whole thing in a photo. Looks like your barn is the pot o' gold!
By the way- don't take so long to post next time!

Linda said...

Sounds like things are going well at your place and the horses are thriving. Hope looks like a big girl. She is growing up so fast. That arena is just—wow! Enjoy your summer with your happy herd!

Grey Horse Matters said...

It’s great when they can all go out. So much less work for the humans! Love the grooming video. Really sweet. She’s adorable and growing up fast.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice rainbow! It looks green there you must be getting some rain . Good to hear that everyone is getting along with Hope:)

Marie Smith said...

You paint a scene of peace in the pastures which is very appealing!

Val Ewing said...

Looks like things are going well! Nice and soggy I suppose by today you all are that way too!

Peace in the herd is luxurious.