Midwest Horse Fair ~ 2 of 2

If you missed it, here is the link for the first half of Midwest Horse Fair.


This PRCA event was our first time attending a rodeo this decade. Two nights of rodeo at MWHF always sell out. We either get tickets early, or simply don't go. This also applies to attending music events. At this stage of my life, nose bleed seats just don't appeal to me. 

The rodeo at fair was something else this year. Freshest calves we have ever witnessed! They literally were like jumping beans. Non-stop bouncing off the ground. I wonder what they fed them to make them strong, big and fast. With a dose of crazy. One calf repeatedly tried to kick a cowboys face off. Some ended up running towards the Tie Down horses, instead of away. Expressions were priceless. The cowboys wrassled, got tangled up, fell backwards, tucked-n-rolled and tried their very best. In the end, the four legged animals won most of the time.

I tried to get a few key photos from my seat. We were sitting behind/next to part of a drill team that performed at the Friday Night rodeo. I learned a few things. Fun chatting with the spicy one sitting next to me, when she wasn't going in/out of our aisle 50X (insert eye roll).

Onto the photos! 

10 horse all gelding Belgian pyramid hitch

I not so secretly want to drive a single or pair of drafts. The lead Belgian was so proud and confident!

The Fox Hound group was fun to watch again. The red jacket rider is a distinguished experienced lead. This lady has led for decades.

calling in the hounds (with a whistle) 

The well-known award winning rodeo clown John Harrison and announcer Kelly Kenney were entertaining as always.

double trouble

Harrison's rodeo act with his horse Peanut was just as cute as the first time I saw it.

the horse was playing dead

trying to get his horse to stand up

I only took a couple shots of the cowboys, mostly because of our seating situation. We were plenty close to the arena, but most of the shoots/my shots were blocked. Totally okay. Rodeo shooting is just for fun.

I thoroughly enjoy watching the fearless talented pick up riders and mounts. They are life savers.

sadly this bull rider got hurt (stomped on)

I am a big fan of the acts. The endless hours these folks must put in to showcase their talents.

Liberty Cunningham

This young roman rider is only 13 years old. I cannot imagine the confidence it takes to trick ride in a sold out arena. At any age.

The main entertainment act was a highly award winning Roper & Trick Riding husband wife team (Rider & Bethany Kiesner). I had the most camera fun trying to catch this acts non-stop action.

Some entertainers use spotlights, which is ideal for photos. Otherwise rodeo shots have very busy backgrounds. Here is just a small fraction of the duo's snappin-n-jumping-riding act:

closing out with the stars of the rodeo, horses


Well, that's a wrap. I hope your eyeballs didn't fall out. In conclusion, I really enjoyed attending fair again this year. I will go as long as I am able. There is something to be said for hanging around like minded people and watching the incredible talent presented. Not to mention the gorgeous equine!!


Linda said...

Oh wow! You got some beautiful photos, Aurora! I hope you share them with them all because they'll probably want them for their promotional materials.

That's funny about not wanting to sit in bad seats at your age. We are the same way, but we also don't like sitting around crowds. Luckily, a lot of things we like to do aren't very popular, and thus, not crowded. Rodeos around here are a big thing, and you better go early if you don't have assigned seats. Like you, I haven't been to one in a long time. But you're right about the benefit of being around like-minded people, those who love the horse. It's inspiring. Your Midwest Horse Fair is a big deal, and if they had anything like that around here, I'd be running, not walking.

Marie Smith said...

You took some great photos. It looks like great fun!

Val Ewing said...

Those photos are all incredible! I wouldn't have even know how to attempt them!
You have so much talent!

I do miss going to MWF. It has been quite a few years since I've gone.
I purchased one of my favorite saddles there 30 yrs ago and am still using it. [Well, I don't ride much any more though]

We went a lot when I was teaching Horse classes in 4H, but that was sooo long ago.

Again...stunning work!

Shirley said...

Thanks for those awesome photos! You managed to get some great stop action in difficult lighting.
JJ Harrison is my favourite rodeo clown. I get to watch my fill of rodeo on the Cowboy Channel that I subscribe to, and on Ted's big 50 inch TV it's just like being there. Note I said Ted's TV, I would never have bought one that big!
I think my favourite part of rodeo is watching the bull fighters in action. Of course, watching the horses work vies with that, especially the rope horses and barrel horses.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures! I love Belgians wish I had one or two! The acts are amazing. I can’t even begin to think about doing all those tricks. It takes a lot a skill to get that good and be that fearless. Never been to a real rodeo. They don’t really have them here in the East that could compete with your rodeos. Well, not that I know of anyway. I’ve watched them on tv though. The bull riders and bronc riders are just another breed. Thank goodness for the clowns! Looks like a great time.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow that looks like great fun! Your photos are excellent!