Padame's turn

Here I am, typing from the Equine Hospital. Waiting to find out what is going on with Padame. She has been experiencing on again/off again lameness. Most recently at her second show of the season, in Minnesota. Padame came up lame the night before we were heading up to watch. She did not show.

We were here for Koda's lameness MRI, less than a year ago. Now it's Padame's turn. The hospital folks are very nice, but I reeeally do not want to become a regular!! Cost aside it is hard on the horses, and us. It takes an entire day. 

The MRI will reveal key information, including the possibility there are no injuries. Lameness yo-yo-ing is anybodies best guess otherwise. Obviously I hope there is nothing "wrong" with Padame. An MRI may seem extreme, but we know others in the show circuit who have spent years patching the unknown. In the end, it is more cost and more so a frustrating loss of time. Something you can't get back. We hope to target the care Padame needs and keep her sound.

wondering where she is

Padame is so dark & shiny

Our daughter (Harmony's mom) took a half day off work to cover animal care at home for us. 

We tried to distract ourselves on this beautiful 72+F sunny day. After lunch we walked the boardwalk and enjoyed lake views. Frequently checking the time.

Now we sit. We read. We pace. We check. It is hard not to worry as closing time approaches and Padame is still not back in her temporary stall. Similar to what we experienced with Koda.

She was finally returned to her stall! We met with the MRI vet, and at first glance nothing appeared to be wrong. Good news. After the MRI scans get reviewed by a specialist, the MRI vet and our vet will discuss findings and come up with a plan of action.

another loop and attempt at loading

Padame was less than willing to load up in our trailer. She has ridden in it before, but is used to a large slant load and having company. Poor girl. We all made it home without incident. I bet Padame slept good last night.


Shirley said...

First of all- wowza is she ever a gorgeous color now!
I sure hope it's something simple like an abscess or a strained muscle.
Waiting and not knowing is torture!

Val Ewing said...

Wow, she is gorgeous! Just stunning.
I do hope that it is nothing serious.

Not related, but I just had one of the elderly mules come up lame and after inspection there was nothing to see but the mix of hardpack and rough ridges in the pasture [did it bruise her maybe???] I made her a double diaper boot and she recovered quickly.
We surmised it might have been a bruised sole.

I'm not comparing my elderly mule to your Padame at all, but I understand the frustration of trying to figure out why an animal comes up lame.

I sure hope it is something simple and she comes through this episode safe and sound.

aurora said...

Thanks! Although I can't take credit for her coppery chocolate coat.

We received her MRI results and it doesn't read like anything serious. From what I can tell. I am not familiar with all the medical terms and when/where they should/shouldn't have fluid.

It will be a few more days of wonder until the vets connect and explain the plan.

I find lameness frustrating with any animal. For such big strong animals, equine sure are delicate.

Marie Smith said...

I hope the final result is a plan to help Padame!

Travel and a new place must be scary for a horse.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The Vets will get it figured out. It is hard waiting and wondering, my best to you.

Linda said...

Her color is just stunning.

I dread lameness, especially in the young ones. I’ve had to deal with a lot of it, too, especially at this time of year. Cowgirl goes lame every spring because she has soft soles. There’s almost nothing I can do to keep it from happening, but stalling her for the first few months of good weather, turnout on dry lot at night, manages it better than anything else. Mid-summer she gets sound again, and she does great all through winter. It’s weird.

Leah has to stay off grass, so she keeps her company.

Yes, they are surprisingly delicate and fragile animals!

Linda said...

Hope everything is okay with Padame. You’re in my thoughts.

aurora said...

Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts Linda <3 The more in depth review did not find anything major with Padame. She is taking a bit of time off from training. I plan to (eventually) do a follow-up horse related post, along with other delayed horsey news. Spring has sprung and everything beckons for our attention.

Linda said...

That’s wonderful. Time off is the cure for 99% of horse-related issues around here. I think I’m more a vet than a horseback rider most months. I’m looking forward to your update. Enjoy spring!