return to winter

Wisconsin decided to return to Winter, so I did too. Sharing photos from earlier this snow season. As always, click to enlarge and see detail.

January 2024

Our recent weather event lasted 2.5 days. By this afternoon we were already melting-n-soaking up the much needed moisture. Sunnier days are coming!

Hope wants everyone to know she really dislikes being wet. Dontchaknow, water drops tickle. She would really like it if we let her rub herself dry on us. She might enjoy being towel dried. Or even blow dried. With a hair drier. It was required during my lesson years at the place Harmony came from. Way back in the day. You got in trouble if you put your horse away wet. Those were some late nights! Wishing Winter coats would hurry up and dry.

We haven't given Hope a bath, yet. We aren't big on baths, but if you are going to be a show horse bath days are guaranteed. Mother Nature has done a good job with "feeling wet" training!

Hope at 9 months


Val Ewing said...

Our guys were running about yesterday in the snow, well the younger ones were. The old ones stared at them and laid back their ears.
Our mules don't mind summer baths, they get a couple per year. Sometimes it is just for fun and sometimes it is to get out the dirt so we can clip out their manes.

So many beautiful shots of Hope!

Shirley said...

Those eyelashes!
Great photos! Gotta love snowy gallops for photo ops.
Gussie loves being hosed down, she will come to the hose if I'm filling a trough and stand there to be sprayed down.

Far Side of Fifty said...

She sure is a beauty, you have such wonderful photos of her! I think you got the snow that missed us. I am worried about wildfires this Spring/Summer.

Linda said...

Ha! Mother Nature baths are the best! Keep your snow back there, please. I am in spring and summer mode now.

One thing I can say for your winter return is that it provided a beautiful backdrop for Hope. Those are great photos of your girl. What an exciting season you’re going to have with her!

Marie Smith said...

That last shot shows Hope’s soul. Beautiful!

aurora said...

Thanks everyone! I had completely forgotten about this series of shots. Horses and/in Winter are among my favorite things to shoot. With that said, I am ready for Spring.