that's a wrap

We recently received pleasant news from this past show season. Padame got Reserve Champion in Level 1 AQHA Ranch Riding!

The fourth and last WI AQHA show that Padame attended, was the large State Labor Day show. Brad wasn't able to ride over the summer as much as he would have liked, and decided not to show. He didn't think it was fair to her. Riding in the practice ring would benefit them more during this transitional year. However, Padame was shown by her trainer. I did not attend the last show. Sorry no iphotos/videos.

If you missed previous show posts they are were in early June and late June

There have been some issues with the venue, and numbers decreased. The WI Palomino organization joined the show and held classes in conjunction with some AQHA classes. The Pally folks were recruiting participants. Although it was not part of their show plans, Brad ended up showing Padame in Palomino Conformation. His pretty girl ended up receiving some firsts and earning Palomino points.

Last Tuesday, I did a horse photoshoot at our trainers for an upcoming project of hers. While I was there, we also took posed photos of Padame. Brad chose the photo below. He will receive a nice prize (custom chaps/chinks!). Padame's photo will be in the WAQHA Directory & end of year award banquet slideshow.

Although she is still coming into her own, there is something to be said for showing up and doing the work.

Padame (5 yrs old)


Shirley said...

Ah such a lovely mare!
Congrats on her successful season.

TeresaA said...


Val Ewing said...

She is stunning!
I don't know much anymore about the show world.
But she gets all the prizes in my book!

aurora said...

Thanks! Brad loved the photo of Padame looking at me. I was just talking to her. Meanwhile our trainer was shaking and rattling things in front of her (trying to get perked ears). Position makes her look fuller than she really is, but Padame has filled out nicely :))

As for knowing about the show world, every time I become familiar with Ranch Classes they change it up lol.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Such a pretty girl ! Congratulation on her win:)

Linda said...

Holy cow! Congratulations!! She looks absolutely gorgeous. You can see the maturity in her just from last spring. What a future Brad is going to have with her.

Grey Horse Matters said...

She's a beauty! And congratulations on her awards. She's really coming into herself.