butterfly bonanza

My butterfly garden may look like it is lacking plants and color, but the butterflies don't think so. Activity has increased dramatically, ever since we have been blessed with rain. The garden has become a butterfly bonanza! Many species float in and dip, dive and duck. Landing and feeding together. I love watching them all fluttering about together!

There is SO much activity and variety that I cannot count them fast enough. 
I've tried to capture the flying frenzy several times on video, but it doesn't come close to doing the experience justice. So still shots it is. Inspiration to use my big girl camera. It has been collecting dust for around three weeks.

Great Spangled Fritillary stole the show! I knew it was a fritillary that was capturing my attention, but had to look up which one. Coppery metallic orange flashes and glimmers off/on in the sunlight. SO pretty! They sure are fast fliers.

Left side
Note the tongue, 'er proboscis.

Right Side

Closed up


I changed my focus to the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

A second swallowtail showed up and they took off. Not sure what the dance was all about, but it was fun to watch. 

The butterflies are enjoying all the garden blooms, not just the tall verbena.

feeding on Hoary Vervian

I have noticed the Monarchs seem to be boss. They scare other species away. They eventually settle and can be spotted sharing.

there are three winged wonders in this frame
(Monarch, Fritillary and a Spotted Skipper)

We got a little more rain last night (YAY!). I am heading down soon to see what is blooming and fluttering about. I think I'll bring my camera :)

I added a couple captures from today:

Black Swallowtail

Monarch & Black Swallowtail in flight


Far Side of Fifty said...

What wonderful photos! We do not have many butterflies or bees this year:(

Val Ewing said...

Fantastic photos of Flutterybies! I've just started spotting the Monarchs here!

What a beautiful butterfly garden you have.

Great use of your long lens!

Shirley said...

Awesome shots! I think one has to have photos to identify most species of them except the swallowtails and monarchs. We have lots here but I have never tried to get good photos of them.

aurora said...

Wish I could send some butterflies for you to enjoy in real time Connie.

Val, you gave me an idea. I should try shooting them with my rarely used longest lens. I am too attached to my 70-200...

Oh it's so fun taking photos of butterflies! I think you would enjoy it Shirley. I find inflight challenging. Bfly flight patterns are very unpredictable.

Linda said...

Such beautiful photos. You have an eye for bringing out the magic in nature. I’ve never seen a fritillary butterfly. Amazing.

threecollie said...

Gorgeous photos!