where have all the bloggers gone

" Where have all the bloggers gone, long time passing?

Where have all the bloggers gone, long time ago?

Where have all the blogs gone?
I miss them, every one.
Oh, when will they ever return? "

I've recently noticed some of my favorite blogs have **poof** disappeared. Not just inactive, but removed. Vanished. Deleted. It's all part of the invisibility of the internet, but it just feels odd. After reading what you chose to share, and getting to know you. Perhaps they've run off to the greener side of Social Media, or didn't want to leave bread crumbs?

I followed a couple bloggers who said good-bye a long time ago. They switched to Instagram. While I love seeing their horsey photos & catching snippets from them, let me tell you it's not remotely the same. At least I know they are okay. Not sure about those that up and suddenly disappear. I certainly hope they are okay, and just had a change of heart.


A while ago I noticed Kate's blog was missing from my reading list. You know, Kate from Illinois. Sorry, I do not remember the exact name of her blog(s). I tried to look them up via comments on my blog, just incase the computer gremlins are playing tricks on me. Alas it appears both blogs have been removed, along with her comments on my blog. Only her profile name remains.

Kates first blog had an incredible wealth of horse health information she shared with us. I recall it had the word "Horse" in the blog name, and her more recent blog was titled "The Oak Tree" or similar.

Yesterday I noticed Mrs. Shoes blog about life on her farm has gone away. Into the darkness *sniff* No more updates on the beautiful place they built up from scratch, animals, Mr. Shoes or her canny humor. Not many of my posts went by without my hubby commenting on her often funny commentary. 


I truly hope those of us still blogging continue sharing, for all that it offers. 

I don't blame anyone for shutting their blog down. It should be time well spent, and enjoyable. If it wasn't, I would stop as well. Altho I don't think I could hit delete on something I spent so much time creating. 

Blogging doesn't have to be a regimented chore. I blog to get things off my mind. To journal our life happenings. For friendship, and to get help or ideas from like-minded knowledgeable horse lovers. Many of which I hope to meet in person, some day. 

If you do choose to hit delete in the future, or become an inactive blogger, know I've truly enjoyed sharing all things horse (and more!) with each of you. Certain things trigger memories of what we've shared. I do hope you will write when the mood strikes you, or stop by for a visit and let me know how life is treating you and your horses. Don't get lost in the fog.

foggy barn


Shirley said...

Kate's Blog (A Year With Horses) is one I miss. The stories of Red and Pie, and all the equine medical info she shared as well as the stories of the Mark Rashid clinics.
Just a note to those who are deleting their blogs, it is far better to make them private than to delete them, as then the web address gets taken over by spammers, and they put awful stuff on what used to be your blog. Pornography included. Also, if you make them private you can always resurrect it if you take a notion, further down the road.
Yes, we bloggers are getting scarce- seems like everyone would rather do FB or Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat, all of which are fine but not nearly as personal and interesting as blogging. Blogging for me is a way of keeping records of my adventures with horses over the years. Ever tried to look something up from years ago on Facebook? Gah! With my blog, I can go to the labels and pull up every foal I have ever raised, all the stories of every individual horse, etc.
I notice a lot of people are still reading blogs but not commenting- it is always encouraging to get comments, but it isn't the reason I blog. But it does brighten my day when someone cares enough to make a comment.
I'm glad you are hanging in there!

The Dancing Donkey said...

I've not been a good blogger lately, mostly because of work changes that are dragging me away from the good computer time, but I am still trying. I can't imagine deleting it all even if it is more of a struggle than I would like, but I can see why people quit. Is is hard to keep up with. Maybe it is good to take a break now and then so that it does not get overwhelming to the point that scraping it all feels like the right thing:).

C-ingspots said...

I miss Kate's blog too. That lady was a wealth of interesting information, and she was so humble. I am one of those bloggers who has been terribly remiss about writing lately. I'm not even sure why, no reason really. My reasoning for blogging is just like Shirley's - a way to keep track or journaling of what's happening in my life, and being able to review it years later.

Blogging is so much more personal and a much deeper level of familiarity than the other social media platforms. They are just not even close. I envision writing again, in fact have been pondering it, just haven't yet. I know a big part of my lack of writing is my inability to post pictures. Blogs without pictures just doesn't work!

Linda said...

I agree with all of you. I didn’t know Mrs Shoes or Kate had disappeared! Very sad. I hate to hear that. I value the blog far more than the snippets. I’m not a snippet person. I mean, there are millions of snippets out there, if that’s all I wanted. I mostly enjoy the personal journeys and the horses. I wonder if it’s a privacy issue, because it seems like they should be proud of their work and writing. I’ve had weird comments at my blog, but I delete them. If anyone reads my blog, they’re seeing my real life. I don’t use my last name or give my specific location. Maybe that’s what it’s moving to, though, less and less of our real selves exposed.

Linda said...

And I did take an extended break once, but I didn’t delete the blog.

aurora said...

Yes, that was the name of Kates blog! Thanks Shirley, now I can stop racking my brain lol. Good to know about private vs deleting blogs. Not that I plan on doing either. I agree, looking up anything in the past on Facebook is close to impossible. So easy on Blogger! Can’t tell you how many times Brad & I are talking about whatever, trying to figure out some kind of detail, and the answer is easily found on my blog.

aurora said...

Kris you are far from a bad blogger, you are just a busy one. Love reading about your donkeys, whenever you have time. Once things settle down we are still planning on adopting a pair into our family. Planning to reference your blog to help with a smooth transaction.

aurora said...

I sure wish I could help you with posting photos! There is *always* a way to do most anything related to computers. I don’t recall the specifics. Figuring it out is all in the details. How are you posting them, and what you are using to post them. I am happy to help, but harder for you if not in person. Don’t be afraid to ask trusted others. If they are at all computer savvy, they will enjoy helping you out. Just like me :))

aurora said...

Nothing wrong with breaks, we all need them. Love that you came back & write such heartfelt posts.

I am not surprised Kate doesn’t blog anymore, she was leaning & hinting towards that for a long time. I was however surprised to see she changed her mind about leaving her blog A Year with Horses up. It was a wonderful resource, and she is definitely missed.

Mrs. Shoes abrupt departure surprised me into writing this post. I hope she is okay. Maybe she took her blog down & is restructuring 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hoping “their ears are burning” and they’ll stop by to check on that crazy chick from WI, who cares about her online friends.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I miss a lot of the blogs I used to read too. It seems so many bloggers have turned to Facebook or other social media. I don’t have any of that stuff and honestly don’t miss it. I haven’t blogged for a long time only because there’s nothing to blog about. We continue to work with Rosie but because it’s mostly the same stuff everyday I feel it’s not interesting to others. I will try to put one up soon though.

aurora said...

Ohhh Blogger *sigh* I responded from my phone because it appeared to give me the ability to reply to each persons comment. Last time I looked (via computer) my blog layout didn't offer the option to respond to individual comments. I apologize for my random confusing responses! They are in order of comments. I used Shirley's & Kris's name in my response to them, so that's easy. The next comment about photos is for Lorie, and the last with the "up in arms" girl emoji (and random female symbol lol) is for Linda.

Arlene, I know what you mean about posting the same stuff & it not being interesting to others. I feel like that every time I post more photos of our barn/land!! But I bet what you think of as ordinary, is interesting to us. I love hearing from you and seeing photos of your place, the horses and dogs! Your area is unique (to me). It's so wonderful you found Rosie!! Will look forward to an update!

C-ingspots said...

Thank you Aurora for your offer of help. My hubby is pretty good, but I find it so frustrating because I blog when I'm at work at quiet times. My computer (which is a newer model) is such a cheap model that it doesn't do so many things. So frustrating!

4RRanch said...

I didn’t know about Mrs. Shoes until I read this. She was such a faithful commentator on my blog. I am really bad about commenting on others, but if it is in my side bar I try to keep up with the reading. I love using my blog as a diary. I go back lots of times to see when something happened or how I might have dealt with a training issue. I can’t imagine deleting 10 years of memories.