how much wood can a woodchuck chuck

None, at least not in our barn. 

We need everything to dry out, so the barn doors have been staying wide open for now. Of course that is an invitation for curious visitors. We have found many tracks inside the barn, across house flooring, and over the mounded peaks of remaining dirt piles. Our wild critters aren't shy!

Basically, we've created a play land for all the animals that have lived on our land long before we started building. 
That's all good & fine, until you come face to face with one...

Me: Um, there is something black & furry in our barn. Everyone stops what they are doing and comes to look.

Brad: What did it look like? 

Me: I don't know, black & furry. Low to the ground

Brad: It's probably a woodchuck, let me go get something

Daughter: Plops on the ground. I think I see it!!

Me: Be careful!! They can be nasty & bite! Especially when cornered.

Jameson (daughters dog): Ma!! Ma!! I think it's over here!! 
No wait, maybe it's over here?? I dunno. Wag, wag, wag. I love this place, it's so exciting!!

Look at the brave guy with the super long piece of rebar trying to rattle everything so black & fuzzy will run out, lol! Yes, I know - I am allll the way across the barn by the opposite exit. Yep, I am the braver one ;)

Brad: Well, that didn't work.

Daughter: Plops on the ground. I think I see it!!

Mom & Dad: Be careful!! They can be nasty & bite! Especially when cornered.

Daughter moves the styrofoam. Risking life and limb getting bit, while her faithful companion stands by wagging up a storm.

Daughter leaps on the styrofoam, because she doesn't really want to get bit. Meanwhile brave guy rattles the pallet until black & fuzzy makes a break for it. He scurries out leaving the barn unharmed, in search of some wood to chuck.

Brad: Aww, it was just a little guy

Daughter: What are you talking about?? It was HUGE!!!

Me: Will you guys stop playing with the animals and get to work!


Shirley said...

Good thing it wasn't a skunk!!!!

C-ingspots said...

:) Don't you just LOVE country life!?

Grey Horse Matters said...

That's cute. But I bet it's not the last critter that comes calling. We have foxes who love to play in the barn. They will steal any brushes or things they find interesting and leave them outside in the arenas or wherever. Also coyotes and the occasional bear. I've never seen the bear though. Just know he's around. We did have a skunk in Blues stall once. Have fun playing with your new friend!

aurora said...

Agreed!! We actually haven't seen any skunk on our land, but I am sure they are somewhere.

Lorie, I truly do love country life!! All of it. I've lived in the country my whole adult life. Moved away from the city as soon as I got out of high school. For me, cities are fun to visit not live in. But yah, I'm kinda wimpy with wild unpredictable animals.

That is too funny about the fox Arliene (no clue if I am spelling your name right?!) unless of course you are looking to use that brush! I am not a fan of coyote, and we have lots in the area. I am sure you are right. We will have more four legged explorers, even if we want them or not.

Grey Horse Matters said...

No problem about the name spelling. It's Arlene no i. But I've been called worse...ha!