expect the unexpected

Not sure where I am going with this post, but hopefully by the end it will be clear (er). We have had more then our share of a very wet cool spring, and it makes me think. About life. About expectations. About purpose.

Our horses are an important part of our life. Every time we seem to get past "things" as they occur, we take a turn. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, and many times just different then we expected - or hoped for. Which is practically the same thing. 

Nemo's allergies are back. Did we really expect them to go away? We sure hoped they would. They are not as bad as last year, but his allergies are back. I don't think it means the subcutaneous immunotherapy isn't working, I think it means he is still being exposed to high environmental allergens. Once we have him at home, we can limit exposure much better. At least with Timothy Grass, we planted a mix without any. 

Grey Horse Matters (or other's with related experience) did your daughter do anything in conjunction with her horse that was on allergy shots? or did the shots control the allergies? Feel free to message me if you prefer.

We've got a call into the vets to see if he has anything more to add. We are already doing the basics (masks, adjusting turn out time etc) but maybe there is something else??

Life these days revolves around the land/building X2. Last night we agreed to cancel our upcoming annual trail riding trip up north. I keep telling myself, it's just this year - but will it be? Who knows what life holds in store for us. 

After a horseless weekend, we arrived to the barn on Monday with high expectations of riding and spending time with our horses. All I can say is, our move can't happen soon enough! No use whining about all the silly stuff. I'll just say - Brad couldn't ride Nemo and I chose not to ride Koda for long. I wasn't a whole lot of fun on the 40 minute ride home.

It had been a week since I've ridden Koda, and my last few indoor rides were marginal. When you add feeding time and commotion, he get's his appy-tude on. There were waay too many riders that are never usually there (surprise!) to get anything accomplished, and it was wet and sloppy outside. Sigh. When do I get to ride and be with my horse?? I had such high hopes. Patience. I have learned some over the years. I always say I was in the bathroom when patience got handed out ;) it's not one of my better virtues. 

Then there is this thing nagging at me, called purpose. Brad thinks my purpose in life is to drive him nuts. That's true, I do it all the time - hah!! But seriously, life's purpose makes a person think. I try not to dwell on it, but who wants to aimlessly float down any ol' stream of life? Not me.

Photography? Sure. It can be a beautiful thing, with purpose. But I don't want to snap photos, just because I can. The whole entire planet is doing that. I've been trying to figure out my style/purpose. My most recent effort lasted 56 consecutive days, almost to the end of February. It's further then I thought I would get, but a whole lot shy of 365 days. The daily challenge was more "pressure" and less purpose. Now I only shoot the days I feel compelled to. Most people who accomplish the 365 challenge year after year, do it for fun. Some do it for recording daily life, others enjoy sharing detailed life out loud. 

My self restriction was no phone photos, and no quicky photos just to get it done. I wanted to practice with my camera more, take thoughtful photography, with hopes that there would be a revelation. I may try the challenge again under different circumstances, but it simply wasn't serving my purpose. Whatever it may be.

Woodland ~ 96/365 photo challenge

So much for clarity. Welcome to my overcomplicated brain. If you've got all this life stuff figured out, do tell.


Expectation is the root of all heartache.

 ~ author unknown


The Dancing Donkey said...

It sounds just like a moment in my own cluttered, confused brain:) You are not alone.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I've sent an email to my daughter to ask her if she did anything else for the allergies. I honestly don't remember. So I'll get back to you on that.

Your brain is just fine... I think. That's what I keep telling myself anyway because you sound just like me and what my round and round carousel brain does rattling around up there. I always start out like a ball of fire then get tired of what I'm doing or think what I'm doing is stupid and jump to something else. I always put a lot of pressure on myself and then don't finish it and then feel like a failure. Always looking for a purpose too and can't seem to figure it out like everyone else around me has. Hey, maybe we're just too damn talented and smart to focus on one thing...Let's go with that.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hi aurora,
I just heard back from my daughter and here is what she wrote me (I copied and pasted it below):

"Nate didn't have much luck with the shots. I think we tried a million different supplements also. The only ones I thought made some difference were a high dose good natural vit e (10,000iu), and pure msm; and moderate doses vit c w quercetin, and magnesium, making sure he got a normal multi also which are pretty normal supps for (stressed) horses anyway. We tried everything out there and none of the exotic stuff made much difference. But he was an odd one and a lot of his breathing problem was neurological/roaring so that may not apply to other horses.

The thing I think made the biggest difference was when we took him off processed feed (no soy, corn, etc) and custom mixed a ration for him from oats and alfalfa pellets/dengi, flax or rice bran, and cider vinegar. I think a lot of horses are sensitive to ingredients/chemicals in feeds today. The cider vinegar works wonders. And feed a good probiotic.

Hope that helps."

aurora said...

Kris & Arliene, thanks for putting a smile on my face! It's good to know I am not the only one seeking clarity.

Wow, please thank your daughter for me Arliene. Actually both of you, for taking the time to share how Nate's allergies were managed. What a wealth of knowledge!! It sure helps to know how others have dealt with allergy symptoms. There are so many ever changing, unique conditions. Allergies can be truly debilitating. I know, I have allergies. I don't think there is ever one answer that works for every case, all of the time. Too many variables. But every piece of information is helpful in sorting out solutions. It's sad all the crap we put into not only our horses feed & medicine, but those for humans as well. And we wonder why there are so many health issues. I look forward to having our horses home so we can manage Nemo's symptoms better. Thanks so much for your help!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I only hope there's something that will help him. I swear by cider vinegar for me and the horses. They like a few squirts mixed with their feed. Must taste like a salad! It seems it's good for everything. My daughter actually felt so much better after she developed fibromyalgia due to her Lyme disease. Stopped all the nerve and muscle pain. It takes weeks though after you go on it. Good luck.

Shirley said...

I second the ACV and Quercitin. Also, Stinging Nettles are an excellent antihistamine. You can add the dried nettle and ACV to his feed. My husband had really bad allergies this year including hives and the nettle tea and quercitin made a huge difference. But the biggest thing is boosting the immune system. I'm sure there are several immune-boosting products out there for horses, but for Ted, I applied Young Living's Immupower essential oil blend to the soles of his feet at night- it really helped a lot. If we forgot it for one day, he would itch like crazy again.
Also with nettles I find that horses will eat it right out of your hand, they love it.

aurora said...

You guys are the best, I am taking notes!! Our favorite vet who practiced certified Eastern/Western medicine moved out West, so I have to find another one to connect with. I am always a little leery of alternative (for lack of a better word) treatments, because I don't have solid knowledge as applied to animals. My comfort level is much different with humans, I use many myself. Once our horses are home I can observe effects and make adjustments. They live at a busy training facility, it's just too much to ask.

Nemo is our special alpha guy, my hubby's heart horse. It's so sad to see how the allergies effect him. We will do anything to make him comfortable & happy.

Interesting on the Cider Vinegar effects. I haven't tried it myself, but it's in my fridge (daughter) & my sister uses it. Seems to be everywhere these days. Clearly because it's effective!

Shirley that is so cool about Ted! Not that his allergies were horrible, but how well the oils worked! I love my oils!!