Midwest Horse Fair 2016 ~ 1 of 2

Midwest Horse Fair was blessed with the most beautiful weather possible. Sunny and 70's ~ all three days! I think the sudden change & above average weather may have actually worked against attendance. It was visibly down, especially on Sunday.

I swung by fair on Thursday while vendors were setting up and picked up a saddle tree to try on Cierra. As planned, it was Brad's turn to order his forever saddle from Reed Tack. It will be completed sometime early next year, and totally worth the wait.

Tree fitting Cierra
Friday was all about getting our shopping done. We got a smoking hot deal on Nemo's Horseshoers Secret, and came home with a year's supply. Brad typically carries four buckets, and I carry two, allll the way out to the truck. By the time we get there, our arms are at least 3 inches longer. This year we found out the vendor offers complimentary transportation shuttle out to your vehicle (and back) and has for years! Who knew?!! 

I bought a replacement fly mask for Koda. I had given his like new one to Nemo, who is still having a hard time with allergies. I ordered a custom holster from Reed, of course it will match my saddle. That was it for my purchases. 

Brad's shopping revolved around showing. He got a nice buckskin felt hat and a handy-dandy Brute Rope tie stall for Ms. Cierra. We found an awesome deal on a rolling saddle/tack cart, and bought the last one. They were a hot item.

We spent time all three days consulting with various vendors that we've never had a need to talk with before. It was sooo interesting and gave us a lot to consider. I'll share more, when the time is right :)

The Friday night PRCA rodeo was exceptionally funny. We've had the same great announcer (Kelly Kenny) and funny clown (John Harrison) for years, they play off each other so well. Below the clown had borrowed a little girls hat from the audience and after running around with it on his head, and various other places, placed it on the announcers horse...guess you had to be there.

The little six year old that sang the National Anthem was amazing! That kid needs to be on the Little Big Shot show, and share her talent with the world. 

Cowboy/girls rode proud & loud. No bareback broncs tho, which was odd. They didn't have many bull riders either. Maybe they were trying to shorten the rodeo up? Who knows. 

Here are some rodeo & entertainment highlights:

What goes up...

Must come down...

The pick-up men are fast & fearless...

Some cowboys got a high flying re-ride...

When the bulls are spinning & doing handstands, it's a good thing to wear headgear...

There is always entertainment infused between sections of the rodeo. Below is Aaron Ralston working a steer. Notice anything unique (click pic if you are curious)? 

Of course Guy McLean amazed us all. I have to admit I was surprised to see the identical (or extremely similar) presentation that he gave years ago. Regardless, it was great to watch him perform again!!

They circle together, he leaves the group of three & then rejoins in-between.

Below is part of the (in-place) rocking horse routine.

The horses intentionally don't line up...

...and when they do, it's impressive!

We were lucky, he performed right in front of us.

To be continued. I'll share some observations & tips from a few clinics we watched in my second post.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks like you had a great time and bought some awesome stuff. I always get a knot in my stomach watching the bull riders. Glad they started wearing headgear they never used to.

Shirley said...

You got some great shots! I looked to see what was unique about the guy working the steer- the only thing I noticed is that he is using romal reins which isn't really unique if it was a working cowhorse class but is a bit different in a rodeo.

aurora said...

We really did have a good time Arlene. The venue is so large, it's impossible to see/do everything - but it sure is fun trying!

Good thinking Shirley! I will post the unique aspect after a few more days, just incase anyone else wants to take a look :)