living in a snow globe

One minute it's sunny, then the wind wildly kicks up every possible direction. Big fat flurries start floating around willy-nilly. Sometimes softly, then becoming a white out, or spitting ice pellets. Suddenly it stops, and we find ourselves living in endless clouds and grayness. Someone shakes the snow globe, and the whole thing starts all over again! Day, after day, after day. Mother nature is having some fun with Wisconsin this Spring...keeps us guessing and wishing for tranquil sunny days...

Instead, we had a breathtaking beautiful ice storm...

Thanks to the wackadoo weather, we haven't been riding outside. The water table is at flood stage. One of many area's where the river overflowed...

Rides with Koda continue progressing and typically last around 35 minutes. I switched from setting a timer to a stop watch, that just tracks time. Koda quickly learned that when the timer alert went off, it meant we should be done riding. He was never very happy to continue riding after the minimum time alert went off. I found myself distracted and checking the timer too often. I think it was helpful in the beginning of our rehab, for progression to be more consistent. But now that Koda is healed, I can concentrate more on the quality of our rides and less on the length. I am still tracking saddle time, more for curiosity then anything.

We continue working at a walk/trot, with a little lope mixed in most days. It's not always pretty, but we have our moments. He continues to respond well, and I feel most of the time Koda is really trying. It would help us both if I was clearer with what I ask. I am rusty after not riding for so long, it takes extra thought on my part.

I am still in awe of yesterday's ride. The difference from previous ones, was mainly his lope. Both directions and just a bit longer, with correct leads and frame held (to the level we are currently at). I recently added back in a couple forehand turns, and for the first time in a long time, I asked for a side pass. He did all of it, and nicely. Who does that after almost an entire year off?? It's a testament to a great horse, and good solid training. 

The fact that Koda is trying so hard, makes me love him even more.

We are closer, and yet so far away from anywhere we were when Koda came up lame. I am hopeful in the long run we will be further ahead, and more united. Learning from both the good and not so good experiences. Both of which have more to come. We continue taking our sweet time, and doing things our way. When it feels right. Together.

Other things happening inside our snow globe:

Brad & Cierra got into the Mozaun McKibben Ranch clinic, coming up at the end of the month. There are other people going from the barn, including our trainer. I may audit one of the days, just to support him. I am sure I would learn a thing or two, altho I have zero desire to compete in Ranch Riding. Brad's technical riding has really improved. It's been fun to watch his progress.

Even with our non-spring like weather, Nemo is already having allergy problems. Sigh. We figure it stemmed from the one week of blissful warmth we enjoyed early in the season. Allergies pop up out of nowhere, and when they peak...let's just say Nemo stayed inside until the vet could see him. His allergies really effected his eyes this time. He was given a shot of Dex. to calm the flare-up, with an ongoing care plan of eye ointment & low dose Dex. 3X a week. Hopefully allergies won't be too problematic for the big guy. Nemo loves being outside best, and we have high hopes for trail riding this year. 

Next week is Midwest Horse Fair!! Already. Wow that is coming up fast! I am excited to see Guy McLean again. He is a special horseman, great entertainer and a bush poet. I have yet to pick out which clinics to watch at fair, and haven't made a shopping list either. Maybe that's a good thing!! 

Altho horses and snow globes are pretty, and we have large new pavilions to help keep us dry, I hope for everyones sake (especially the outdoor vendors) that Mother Nature decides to show us a more pleasant side. 


Shirley said...

That's awesome about Koda's progress. So glad he is sound for you now and I hope that you get a lot of good rides in this year.
I'd love to see Guy McLean. I saw Double Dan's show at the Calgary stampede a couple of years ago- it was great.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The weather sounds awful! We are having lots of unseasonable weather here too. Who ever heard of it snowing in April. It doesn't stick but still... Then there's the rain and the cold. It should be warmer by now. Oh well, it has to get warmer soon.

So good to hear how well you and Koda are doing. He's an awesome horse and it seems like you are both having great rides.

Have fun at the fair!

aurora said...

Thank you. Koda & I are a work in progress, especially since we are making a go of it on our own. Looks like WI has warm sunny weather on tap for the Fair. It could happen?!!

C-ingspots said...

So happy to hear of all the progress you're making with Koda. You've both come a long ways in your relationship and education levels. I'm sure you two are going to make it back to where you want to be. It's difficult when along with everything else, you have to be concerned with health or soundness issues while riding.

We didn't go to our Spring Horse Affair this year, last couple of years have been lacking and we really had no interest in going. But yours sounds like it's way better. More clinicians and more vendors. Hope you have fun!

Your weather sounds positively dismal. We've cooled down to pretty much normal for April now, low to mid 60's and we're expecting some showers tonight. But this weekend, it's back up to upper 70's and I'm hoping we get to enjoy doing something fun.

aurora said...

Thanks Lori. Koda & I inch a little further ahead, every time we share common ground. Just like physical fitness, you can't save it up. You bounce back easier having done it, but what feels familiar disappears quickly and is best regained slowly.

We feel fortunate to have Midwest Horse Fair nearby. It's an absolutely enormous event. I'm not into crowds, but it's all good if you go with the right mindset. They work hard at growing & keeping the fair fresh. Some years are better then others. Not so sure about the clinic offerings this year, hope to be pleasantly surprised. Sounds like it's time Spring Horse Affair hands the reins over to someone else.

Hope you get out this weekend & enjoy your great weather!!