where the wild things run

Who remembers these vintage rocking horses?

My kids rode this one back-n-forth, over & over, until the horse's nose and tail would all but touch the floor of our porch!!

It was a garage sale treasure find, back in the day when I couldn't afford much of anything. I had been searching for one. Wish I knew how old it was....the only mark I can find on it looks like three small initials molded on the horses belly.

I had planned on someday making the horse part into a garden display with a carriage of some sort, but I can't bring myself to take the rocking horse apart. It's solid, springs & all.

Of course they still make versions of these rocking horses, but this one is special to us. Just look at him, running free in the hay field...

...waiting for the next child to saddle up and dream of where the wild things run.


Grey Horse Matters said...

He's a handsome guy. I don't know how old it would be. I think they never stop making them. My grandkids recently put their rocking horse out to pasture. I had a red wooden one when I was a child (many many years ago). I wonder if you couldn't research it online and find a similar one to compare with.

C-ingspots said...

Oh, I do! When I was a child, I had a brown one too. My mom used to say that I was always a bouncer, never a rocker and frequently rubbed the insides of my thighs raw and fell asleep on my horse. Funny that I don't remember if he had a name, it was definitely a "he" though. :) Thank you for the lovely memory!!

aurora said...

Grey Horse, ohh who wouldn't love a red wooden rocking horse!! I have a visual of the one's remember, they were closer to the ground with a flat seat. There is just something whimsical about rocking horses! I did a little background research but have yet to find this specific one, altho I found a lot of similar versions.

Ha ha Lorie, I had to peel my kids off of their rocking horses too and upon occasion they would doze off! I never had one myself, they sure look like fun - until you fall off, but that's any horse!!