grazing daze

Driving 40 minutes (one way) every day this summer to help care for my horse, wasn't part of my plan. We are three weeks in to his stall rest, and to put it mildly, it is B-o-r-i-n-g! With a capitol B. Koda seems to remain in good spirits, me not so much.

I'm thankful his stall is dead center of the busiest aisle in the barn, so he has distractions & neighbors. They walk him every morning and I groom, walk, and graze him every night. The only thing that seems to bother him is his stomach, requiring partial baths as needed. Let's just say I learned a new use for vaseline.

We started Koda on probiotics and are working on figuring out how to further adjust his dietary needs to his new sedentary lifestyle. The probiotic doesn't seem to be working very well on it's own. We may end up trying some other random remedy's I've heard to date, everything from senior feed, psyllium, kaopectate, yogurt, beet pulp, and someone even suggested aloe vera gel. I got the call this morning to pick up some psyllium from the vet to add to Koda's regime. 

Standing around in a stall with no riding or running isn't helping this big barrel horses situation. He is getting fluffier by the day. Koda is a horse that does best with regular activity, both with his physique and his mind. Me too. I can't even imagine what we will be like under saddle when healed...sadly sooo far away. I do hope there is a bright side to this situation.

With so much idle time spent just standing around, finding interesting things to pass the time is a stretch. Our grazing daze includes...

watching previous pasture mates, Nemo & Charlie 
adjusting to a different barn schedule then everyone else
searching for red clover, Koda's favorite
grazing with four legged friends
grazing with family 
watching Nemo ride
trying to enjoy the long daze


Grey Horse Matters said...

Koda and poor you. It does sound boring but you'll both get through this. I'm sure he enjoys his grazing time outside. How much longer does he need stall rest? I'm sure you've posted it but I've got a mind like a sieve and forgot.

aurora said...

The vet wants to re-evaluate Koda at 4-6 weeks, but it could potentially take a much longer time (up to 6-8 months) for him to be back 100% to his regular turn-out & riding routine. He has shown improvement in 3 weeks, but far from healed. Hope you are enjoying a horse-filled summer, that includes some riding!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

that is rotten, I hope his recovery is complete and sooner than later. How frustrating for you