koda update & horseless trip highlights

We stopped at the barn before heading out for our horseless trail trip to check on Koda. He came galloping up to greet us! Clearly the bute made him feel better, which in turn made me feel better. Funny how that works. You could still see him resort to limping at times, his lameness was far from gone. Knowing Koda was doing much better, made leaving easier.

We enjoyed our shortened horseless trip, but I would be lying if I said there wasn't a second that we didn't miss having Koda & Nemo with us. Nothing like staring at empty paddocks outside your cabin window. The void was most felt during our campfire time. We reeeally missed sitting at the fire with our boys! Hearing their soft chewing, knickers, and even the clanging hay bags. It's one of the things we love most about our horse trips north.

Fun was had with some of the usual non-horse stuff, and we enjoyed a few new adventures. We came across this little fellow during a morning walk, and helped him across the road to safety.

Hiking to Bagley Rapids was a trip highlight. It reminded me of our Colorado years. Horses can't access the spots we climbed to be in the midst of the rapids...there are no words for how much I love being one with nature!! 

We also found another lookout in the area, with a pretty lake view. There was one pile of evidence indicating horses have access. Not sure which trail the horses take to get to it, certainly not the one we hiked. The view pales in comparison to the southern lookout we usually trail ride up to.  Maybe it just looks higher & better from a horses back? I'm terrible at iphone photos, especially selfies...but at least we have a good laugh trying!

The WI Cowboy Dressage group arrived the day before we headed out. It was nice to meet a few of those folks. I've wanted to get back to doing Cowboy Dressage forever, especially since it became a formalized thing. Of course that would require having a horse to ride. Which leads me to Koda's update...

The vet blocked Koda's sore left foot yesterday, it confirmed soft tissue lameness (not caused by early navicular). His limping disappeared and nothing surface in his other (right) leg. So stall rest it is, 4-6 week until reevaluation. Fully knowing complete healing will take much longer. Other vet recommended care includes:

- Hand walking 2X a day (15 minutes-ish each, per day)
- Stop bute (unless he comes up super lame again)
- No re-shoeing (more comfortable barefoot)
- Regular trimming continued
- H
old off on Osphos (navicular shot) for now

I fully agree with all of the above. Too many things given/done at the same time and a person can't possibly know what is working and what isn't. In the interim, I plan to educate myself more on all of the above, spend a lot of time in hand with my boy, try to find some level of connection under saddle with Nemo...and just be thankful things aren't worse.

Koda & I will be spending a lot of time
hand grazing this summer


Grey Horse Matters said...

The scenery on your trip looks gorgeous. Sounds like a good plan with Koda. I'm sure he will appreciate all the grazing time he will get with you.

Shirley said...

Horseless camping trips aren't nearly as much fun!
Hope you can get Koda all figured out. No fun having horses you can't ride.

aurora said...

Hopefully Koda will somewhat get into the swing of his new routine...he was less then thrilled yesterday. I could tell he was trying to figure out what the heck we were doing & why. He does so much better with regular routines, it's all going to be tough for both of us. I plan to do one of his walks/day, so he can get some outside time grazing. If he wasn't so far away, I would gladly do all his care.

Martine said...

Your trip looks like fun just the same, although I bet you missed the horses like crazy. I hope Koda heals well, sounds like you're well informed and you're going to give him the time he needs.
PS There's nothing wrong with that selfie! Or maybe there were 10 rejects before you got that one?