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Time. It's guaranteed in life to move on, doesn't matter if you want it to or not. Typically allowing for both good and not so good things. This year Spring finds me in a holding pattern, watching the calendar more then ever.

A lot has to do with waiting for Koda's bruise to heal. I can't really ride, or work on the things we were beginning to make progress on...one step forward, two steps back. Sigh. Last week he did show improvement, and wasn't nearly as sore. A good thing.

The last trail challenge is Saturday. I really wanted to compete - one last time - together with my boy. It didn't help that the organizer sent me a message letting me know I have a chance at a high point prize, if I place higher then Brad again. They are also a riding couple, who can relate to our fun. Koda & I aren't doing any show circuits, so this is likely it for us this year. The competition is not remotely about prizes, or even winning. I wanted to see if Koda & I could succeed together again as a team, or if it was just luck. I really enjoyed the camaraderie, and growth the trail series fostered. I learned a ton, and even surpassed my goals. Who wouldn't want more?

The real show season begins in May. Watching everyone else ride is not nearly as much fun. I love supporting others, shooting pictures, and helping with stall duty - but being a bystander is not the same. Missing out on our last trail competition is a not so good thing.

WI high point winner
Midwest Horse Fair is 9 days away, but who's counting. I'm always anxious what we will find, learn, see and experience. This year we are looking forward to what Jim Anderson (a new clinician to us) is all about. I would also be interested in learning from Jim Masterson, but doubt my other half will agree to lectures, but maybe his hands-on presentation? We will try to catch more of what Double Dan has to share, and probably sit in on one of Pat Parelli's performances clinics, among many others. Our daughters friend is participating in the eventing clinics, hoping to watch her. We try to attend Fair with a plan, but with so many things going on at the same time, plans inevitably change.

Jessica Blair
The Friday night rodeo is always a highlight for us! We enjoy watching the brave cowboys, in suspense. My favorite trick riders are back, as well as the funny clown from last year. Click, click, click, click, click. It's the only time I tote my big camera at Fair. We gave up on the lame-o Saturday night performances a long time ago. We have several planned stops to make throughout the exhibition. By far the most exciting is, my new custom saddle should be done! I'm anxious to see and feel it. All good things.

In addition to horse this & that, my gardens are springing into action and begging for attention, it's outdoor photo time again and I have never ending behind the scenes work in progress, there is a baby boom happening around me, our search for a new place to call home continues etc...somewhere in between the madness, I'm hopeful a lot of peaceful trail riding occurs...a mix of good and not so good things. In other words life.

Time is like a river.

You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.

Enjoy every passing moment of life! 

~ author unknown


Grey Horse Matters said...

You're absolut right time waits for no one. Maybe by Saturday a miracle will happen and you can take your boy to compete. It sounds like a lot more fun to be in it than on the sidelines.

The fair sounds like fun. It's something I'd enjoy. Too bad I don't live in the Mideast or I'd be there.

Love that quote. I'd never heard it before.

C-ingspots said...

Sorry about not being able to ride, but you wouldn't want to put him back to work too soon. :( What about your young horse - can you ride her? That would still be good experience for the both of you.
You are getting a new, custom saddle!!??? Oh my stars - I am so jealous!! I would dearly love to have a custom saddle made, to my specs...what a dream! Lucky girl!! And you're looking for a new home? Somehow, I must have missed that if you've mentioned it before. Oh how exciting!! Sounds like you've got lots of good stuff going on in your lives. Have fun at the horse fair. We went to ours a few weeks back, but it was smaller than ever before. Don't think we'll be going back, at least for a few years. I'll anxiously await your ratings of the clinicians you get to see...I have a good friend who drove all the way to Colorado from Oregon to participate in a Pat Parelli clinic. She's a total groupie. I've always been a bit put off by his arrogance, but I'm trying to keep an open mind.

aurora said...

Thanks, I was hoping for a miracle Grey Horse...Koda has improved, but I don't want to set him back. We are still only doing super light riding, a couple times a week.

Lorie, Brad & Cierra are working on becoming a team. Our trainer shows her too, so that girls got a lot going on already without adding me to the mix. Someday I'll ride her again, when things settle. Yes after all my saddle woes & falls, my hubby talked me into having a saddle made. It's nothing fancy, but it will be well made and most importantly fit!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Sorry the bruise is taking such time to heal, you and Koda have come so far.I hope he is on the mend soon and you get back in the swing of things. And a new custom saddle ! Yay!

Shirley said...

The Horse Fair sounds interesting. Jim Anderson does a good job, his liberty work is really getting good- somewhat along the lines of Dan James. You will want your camera for sure!
Hope Koda is better now.