Easy Boot quick recommendation needed

Anyone out there have an Easy Boot (or other) recommendation to share?

I need to order a pair of boots for Koda asap. I'm hoping the boots can be used for light arena riding while his bruise heals up, and later on for trail riding on rocky terrain.

These are the two I am considering:

TRANSITION: https://www.easycareinc.com/our_boots/easyboot_transition/easyboot_transition.aspx

BACK COUNTRY: https://www.easycareinc.com/our_boots/easyboot_glove_backcountry/easyboot_glove_backcountry.aspx

If you use boots, what kind do you use for your horses? Thanks in advance!


The Dancing Donkey said...

I've use most of the easy boots. I would not recommend the transitions if you intend to ride in them. The back countrys are OK, but they fall off easy in rough terrain. The gloves are harder to put on, but you can do some serious riding in them on very tough ground. IF you are not dealing with deep mud or really hard terrain, the backcountrys would probably be fine, but I like the gloves better - they do have to fit really well though.

Cricket said...

I agree with the Dancing Donkey. I rode in the Backcountry's for about a year and hated them. The biggest issue I ran into was they gather rocks as big as a quarter between the gaiter and the horse's fetlock. If you are riding on rough ground your horse will find this really annoying. It will cause him to feel lame. EAsyboot must have figured this out, since they now sell a gaiter you can wrap around your horse's fetlock to help prevent the gravel from finding it's way in, but all that really does is increase your cost and decrease the ease of handling the boots. And the Backcountry's should be fitted to the hoof the same way the gloves are. (The shells are identical. I removed the Backcountry gaiters and put the glove gaiters on the pair I owned. Rode in them until they wore through the toes.)

I have been riding in the gloves for two years now and absolutely love them, provided they are fitted correctly. They should be hard to get on - use a mallet to whack them onto the hooves hard - in order to prevent losing them on trail. However, if they are fitted correctly, they are awesome.

C-ingspots said...

I'm #3 against the easy boots! They're hard to get on and off, and easy to lose on the trail. We have been riding for 3 years now, in the Cavallo boots...and LOVE them! Easy on/off. Just hose to clean, can be used front or back or both. Have holes for drainage, but most importantly they stay on. Our horses trust them and that's good enough for me. Only problem is: none of the boots are very good on slick trails. Not a lot of traction in the muddy hills.

Martine said...

I've never used easy boots apart from the very first design 20 years ago! I currently use Renegades and Cavallo sport boots, I'm happy with both. Like C-ing spots says, the Cavallo are great to stay on - better than Renegades.
Good luck

aurora said...

Thank you all for your valuable feedback! Every time I've seriously looked into getting boots, I come to the same conclusion - the pair I want doesn't exist!! Hopefully they have the Gloves & Cavello's at Horse Fair, so I can see them first hand. Good to know about the Back Country, those were at the top of my list.