pasture time ~ 3 of 5

After post one of all three horses playing, and featuring Cierra in post two, it's Nemo's turn! The hardest horse we have to photograph, but also one of the funnest with those expressive appy eyes that are always on us. Horse dynamics are never lacking when the big guy is in the pasture, he is our alpha horse and caretaker of all. 

Nemo is smart, sensitive and very special - he's my hubby's million dollar heart horse. Not sure who loves who more, but they are fun to watch together! Nemo is our rock when we are out on the trail, 9 times out of 10 he is the horse that get's us through the sticky spots.

Nemo comes a'running

gotta keep moving
it's a big job keeping track of everybody

on the fly

prancing between his girl, and the neighbor boy

a softer side


Shirley said...

Awww nice photos! Pretty stylin' when he prances!

aurora said...

Thanks Shirley! I still don't have "the photo" of him, his back washes out on me every single shot...regardless of settings, but I'll keep trying! You would like him. He is easily misunderstood, but not by horse people who get it.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

gorgeous! what a handsome fellow