pasture time ~ 1 of 5

Spending more time with our horses makes me feel more connected to them. Plain and simple.

Maybe it's humanizing them, but I think they feel similar in their horse way. So much more one can do with horses when enjoying warmer weather. There is less need to rush, and longer days. Our rides aren't necessarily lengthier, but there are added things to do in hand. For example; hosing off or hand grazing - and when all the extra warm weather stuff is done, there is even more joy to be felt in watching horses interact in the pasture! Similar can be done in the winter as well, but beautiful weather lures one to linger - and pull out the camera!

Koda & Nemo are pretty nonchalant about being turned out. When Cierra gets added into the mix, there is sure to be some fun interaction in the pasture! Not only is she a girl but she's young and energetic, not to mention an instigator. Since Cierra is in training she doesn't get turned out as much as the boys, and is always happy to join them. She loves to stretch her legs, and that girl can run ~ fast! Cierra easily out runs Koda and Nemo.

She does her best to get the boys to play, it's way more fun if you have someone to join you. This is typical of what we see when we turn Cierra out with Nemo & Koda:

off we go

follow me

joining the fun

Cierra instigates

she gets pasture neighbors to play too

the far end of their pasture is a favorite play area

more horses more fun

they always keep an eye on us

enjoying pasture time together

Since she is the "belle of the ball" my next post will feature some shots of Ms. Cierra enjoying the pasture, followed by one each for the boys, and closing the series with quieter pasture times. Looking forward to catching up. Hope you and your horses are enjoying the warmer weather!!


Shirley said...

My favourite kind of horse photos- them out just having fun!

aurora said...

Agreed! So much more interesting to photograph & view then posed photos.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

some snazzy moves! they look so happy