spring update

Spring has sprung in WI, altho my garden doesn't show it. It appears the harsh winter took a toll on bulbs and spring perennials. The only positive way to look at this is there are spots to fill with new plants, a girls gotta have something blooming in the Spring!

Now that the warmer weather is here, our horses are shedding like crazy! Nemo always starts earlier then Koda, who has a long way to go before loosing all that extra fluff. Besides brushing off horse hair rugs, here are some other updates from my horse world:

• Midwest Horse Fair is this weekend! Hoping to attend some sessions on horsemanship given by Ken McNabb and Chris Cox. There aren't as many presentations of interest to us as in years past, but there is so much other stuff going on all at the same time - I doubt we will even notice.

• Nemo is already dripping again, which is very unusual. He is usually okay for a year after getting flushed. Needless to say, we have another ultrasound scheduled. You can read about his calcium urinairy condition by searching "calcium".

• We've been riding in the outdoor arena! It's so nice to be outside again!!

• While gathering more information on sore hocks, I've been riding Koda for much shorter sessions at a walk. We've been doing lot's of poles. He is unsure about this change in routine. We trotted for the first time last weekend. Koda tends to do things before cued, and started to collect. I didn't ask for it, had no plans to lope. I noticed he tensed up some, which could have just been activating forward movement. Judging by his huge sigh when I dismounted after our last ride, he was relieved we didn't, or that we were done so soon.

• There are a couple horses for sale at our barn, it prompted me to check out DreamHorse.com out of market curiosity. I am not shopping for a new horse, and haven't been on a sale site for years. Wow, there are a lot of low end (poor confirmation or untrained) and a fair amount of high end horses. Not much has changed. All I can say is, I am very thankful for the horses we have in our family!!

• Cierra continues in training, and get's prettier by the day. 

Koda, Nemo and Cierra (L-R) 

• Harmony lives at "my old barn" so any updates come from our daughter. She is doing good and tolerates her over active one year old labrador well. I hope they go to some local shows this season.

• Mark Rashid clinics start this weekend. After a short break from Fair, I am planning to audit one day at each host facility. I am pretty sure my brain will be on overload.

Looking forward to a fun-filled horse week! What's happening in your neck of the woods?


Shirley said...

Hmmm, are you going to the same Mark Rashid clinic that Kate from "A Year With Horses" blog is going to? Hope you can take photos there if so.

C-ingspots said...

Enjoy your fun-filled weekend! Sounds great to me...and soooo happy to hear that spring has arrived for you!!!

aurora said...

No, the clinic Kate is riding in is the same weekend as the horse fair. We get our fair tickets way in advance, so I already had plans. I will audit a similar clinic later in the week, same facility. I am bringing my camera, photos are permitted. Video is not.

aurora said...

Thanks Lorie! They are predicting some bad weather, hopefully the thunderstorms don't develop... We've been enjoy spring while we have it, hope you have too!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds line you've got lots of fun stuff planned. Spring is slowly appearing here too on the East Coadt. No flowers yet but it's nice to be working outside again. Have fun at the fair and clinics!

fernvalley01 said...

lots going on sounds like ! hope all good things for your weekend