Midwest Horse Fair 2014 - 2 of 2

In addition to the presentations and general overview in my Midwest Horse Fair post 1 of 2, something has to be said about the sheer variety of shopping at Horse Fair. Vendors are everywhere, inside, outside, around the side - not really sure if we saw them all, but we browsed a lot and visited with our favorite vendors. 

Anyone looking for a cute kids sparkly pink cowboy hat (besides the kids) or any non-horse related items like a "whip-o-matic" (why are these even allowed)? We weren't either. Was it possible to attend fair, and not buy anything?? I was beginning to wonder if that was going to be the case, as we headed home empty handed on Friday. 

That night I thought looong and hard about my conversation over the years with Reed Tack, and the difficulties I am having with my saddle.  It's not news that I need a different saddle, one that not only fits my horse - but fits me. We got into the nitty gritty saddle details this year, and learned some new things. We own other items made by them, and know first hand the quality craftsmanship and honest integrity they put into their handmade products. Even with all this, I was on the fence until my wonderful husband encouraged me to order a saddle. I don't think I would have ordered otherwise, but I did. Gulp! It's scary to order the unseen, and custom anything is expensive. Thank goodness we don't pay for it all at once. Nothing is as expensive as not enjoying the ride, or worse yet hospital and/or vet bills. Presents for the next however many occasions from him are officially well covered. I still can't believe I ordered a saddle! It won't feel real until I ride in it, which won't be for 13 months. It's a long quality process, and there are many orders to fill before mine, however it will be worth the wait - and this will be the one I have forever.

I also made a much more modest purchase, a HipKlip bag. It made me so happy to be hands free, that my husband thought I was simply ridiculous!

Guilt was setting in, and there was no way we were leaving Fair without something for Brad. On the last day, I steered him towards a nice straw cowboy hat that was on his wish list. He also picked up some Brute Rope reins, and ordered the same stirrup's I will be getting. I could see the interest in his eye's when we were putting together the saddle order. If I was a betting person, I bet he'll order his own saddle from Reed one of these years. In the end, I think we pulled off some wise purchases again this year!!

Of course there are dreams yet to fill. We walked in/out of many trailers, and I didn't like a single one - until I got to the last one. Has anyone ever heard of a "Merhow" aluminum trailer?? We haven't either, and we look at trailers every year at Fair & in our travels. Wow, the craftsmanship was different and it was a smart use of space. Instead of wasting empty space, it had storage tucked in everywhere. It will be many years before we can afford to get one, and have time to use it. I'm keeping this trailer in a reference file, just incase this dream ever comes true. Hey, it could happen?!

Merhow Trailer interior

On a different note, they held a PRCA Rodeo both Friday & Saturday night. The rodeo is usually only in town one night, on Friday's. This year they held it both nights, and Saturday night's rodeo sold out all 10,000-ish seats. I brought my big ol' camera to the rodeo for the first time, here are a few of my favorite shots:

Saddle Bronc Rider

Dan James - Saturday Night Performance

Wisconsin Bull Rider (high point!)

Jessica Blair

Bareback Bronc Rider

Dan James - Friday Night Performance (spinning)

Jessica Blair

If you are interested in viewing a few more of my favorite rodeo photo's, click here

Thanks for joining me in wrapping up another enjoyable year at Midwest Horse Fair!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love your clip on bag. I'd get one of those in a minute. Hands free is the only way to go. Your new saddle sounds great. Hope they come through with it earlier than expected for you.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Thanks for reporting on it. And I too must have one of those Klip-it bags. I stock up on clip on mobile phone bags anytime I find them. I still have some in the packaging.

Shirley said...

Nothing like a custom made saddle, it's always a good purchase.
Nice photos, I especially like the last one of the trick rider.

aurora said...

I had the name wrong for my clip on bag (oops!) it's called a "hipklip". I fixed the name in my post, and added a hot link to their website (hipklip.com). They have all different sizes & colors. Mine fits credit cards/cash in the small pocket, phone in larger pocket, and the back side has an open pocket that I stuck my rodeo tickets & business cards etc in. You can't clip it onto a belt, has to be thinner. I clip mine on my hip pocket, so it doesn't bother me when sitting.

Glad you liked the photos Shirley. I have to work on better settings so they are less grainy. Hard to figure in the moment when they are zooming past you!

fernvalley01 said...

I like the bag, hands free is definitely me! Maybe they will have them this weekend at the Mane Event!

fernvalley01 said...

And a new saddle ! yay!