time warp

I do not know how people travel all the time. Traveling messes me up. We left last year for a get-a-way, and came back today in a whole different year. I feel like I've been gone for weeks!!

We started our get-a-way by relaxing the end of the year away, and also welcoming the beginning of a New Year. It was absolutely wonderful! 

View from our window, where we swam outside (below freezing)

Then we headed further north, because apparently we were not cold enough! The NorthWoods welcomed us, in all it's beauty, kindness and simplicity... 

So unpresumptuous, we love it!! We stayed in the same cabin as we do when we bring our horses during warmer seasons...

Our cabin, with empty horse paddocks to the left

We even ride a couple of the same trails. This trip we saw turkey flocks and grouse.  The woods evoke similar feelings of awe, as when we ride our horses through the same areas in the forrest. Like earlier in the year here, or here

Where permitted, snowmobiles get to ride on private land not seen otherwise. Horses, skiers, hikers, bikers etc are not allowed - only snowmobilers. It may very well be the one thing I love most about snowmobiling (beside enjoying it with my hubby) seeing what I cannot see otherwise - the land & views are simply breathtaking!!

The non-judgmental kindness of the NorthWoods, complete with people who live in the moment. Faced by reality, yet surrounded by beauty. Sometimes I wonder if they know? I do realize the hurdles. After treasured conversations, I know they do. 

We are thankful to experience the beauty of the NorthWoods in more ways then one....

Wishing everyone the beauty, kindness, and simplicity of the woods - that go on forever!!

Have a Happy & Healthy New Year!!


4RRanch said...

Nice to get a different seasonal perspective on your horse trails.

The Dancing Donkey said...

Looks like a lovely trip. Happy New year!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Happy New Year, I am so cold these days I cant imagine taking a holiday anywhere that isn't warm!

C-ingspots said...

WOW!!! I can totally see why you enjoy it there so much! I would too, no doubt. :)
And yes, I'd have to agree that the people who live there...they know they have their priorities straight. Living one with nature has a way of cutting to the heart of what matters. A simple life spent working with the land. I'd love that. I've never ridden a snow mobile before, but I know that I'd enjoy that. Hubby and I used to ride dirt bikes, years ago...he was a retired endurance rider and even did flat track racing once upon a time. Me? I puttered quietly along at my own pace, but had fun. So happy to hear that you had another enjoyable time away from the pressures of everyday. Happy New Year my dear friend! And thank you for the wonderful message on my blog. I have enjoyed getting to know you as well.

aurora said...

It is nice 4R, especially since the trails are closed to horses at the end of October.

It was lovely, Dancing!

Fern, I must admit the second half of our trip further north was the coldest it has ever been. The cabin isn't fancy, but does have a fire place & heated floors - we stayed plenty warm and took shorter rides.

Lorie, you would like it! Snowmobiling gets a bad rap, but it's actually a family sport - and is as safe as the person driving. No different then a car.

We ride to be in the woods, and to see the land - it's actually very peaceful. We hardly run into other's, don't ride fast, or bar hop. It's a good opposite seasonal compliment to horses.

Janice said...

Sounds like a lovely trip.Happy New year and Happy Trails for 2014.