closing out november

On the last day of November we arrived at the barn to find the boys outside enjoying some lunch and peacefully soaking up the warm Fall sun...

...with no more then a slow head raise, Koda & Nemo look up. We think they are saying "oh sh&! they are here" as they sink their muzzles back down into the hay to continue softly chewing. One of the best, most soooothing, sounds in the world!!

I soak up some pasture time with them, for just a short while. It's one of the things I miss most about not having the boys at home. Just plain 'ol hanging around with them...


Nemo was barely concerned with the arena door on this ride, and continues to follow Brad around like a puppy dog. He is always in his back pocket.


Koda is happiest with his nose nuzzled deep into a pile of hay. He doesn't fidget when I halter him, and pokes along behind me to the indoor arena. We had another great ride, no odd breathing. Koda continues behaving so well. I am enjoying every single minute with him!!

When we were done riding, I felt kinda bad. Koda & Nemo didn't get to go back outside to their sunny pasture. We decided it was best as it was close to supper time, and with the warmer day their winter coats brought on a bit of sweat. The sun wouldn't be up much longer anyways, and they would be content with the fresh piles of hay in their stalls. They seem so much happier living the routine at Iron Horse. 

November is a transition month for me. The last of the lingering winter chores get completed and family gatherings happen. We get a taste of the cold weather to come. Numbers chalk up that tell me I am older. It's the month we are reminded to be grateful. After 5 years I still wonder how we got so damn lucky to have these amazing horses enriching our lives....and for that, I will forever be grateful.


C-ingspots said...

I love that sweet, relaxing sound of horses chewing too. So soothing!!
Glad you enjoyed your ride. Short rides are good too, sometimes the best. Maybe you should have your vet check Koda's lungs? It's probably nothing, but just in case it is something developing, you would be catching it early. It could also be that he has one of those days when he's not feeling as good as normal. I certainly have those days... :)
Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and Happy Birthday!!

aurora said...

Thanks Lorie! I will definitely be keeping an eye on Koda. Hope you enjoyed a peaceful day of thanks as well.